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The Provider has accepted an Engagement from the Client which includes a number of Deliverable orders (the status of the Engagement and the associated Deliverables is at Work in Progress) but the Provider doesn’t believe that sufficient time has been allowed for the completion of one of the Deliverable orders.  They need to request an Extension of Time.

Before you begin

  • The Engagement Order status must be “Work in Progress” for a variation request to be submitted.

IMPORTANT: If you request an Extension of Time beyond the Matter End Date, the Matter Manager will need to extend the Matter Period


1. On the LPG menu, select Worklist > My Work.

The My Work screen appears.

2. Enter the required search criteria and click the Search

For example: To find Orders related to a particular Matter search for Entity = Order (N1), Available to My Resource (N2), Status = WORK IN PROGRESS (N3), Last 5 digits of the Matter ID (N4).

The Orders matching the search criteria are displayed. In the example shown below, all Orders related to the specified Matter are displayed.
N1 - You can only request an extension of time while the Order is at Status “WORK IN PROGRESS”.
N2 - Take note of the existing Service Period End dates for the relevant Orders.

3. Click the Action button next to the Order for which you wish to request an extension of time.

The Order In Progress screen appears.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Order and click the Request Extension of Time

The Extension of Time Request window opens.

5. Enter the new Order end date (format dd/mm/yyyy) or use the calendar icon to select the date.

The end date should not be later than the end date of the Matter.  If it is, a warning is presented advising you that this is the case.  You can elect to cancel your request, change your dates or submit your request.

6. Select the Reason from the drop down list.

N1 - The text of the selected reason is copied to the Reason for Request text box.

7. You can optionally include additional information about the reason. NOTE: The Reason for Request text box is mandatory.  If a reason is not selected from the Reason drop down list, a reason must be typed in.

8. Click the Submit

The Extension of Time Request window closes and the display returns to the My Work screen.

9. To refresh the My Work results list do the following:

a. Select “All” in the Status drop down list.

b. Click the Refresh Page

N1 - The Status of the Order has changed to “REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME”.
N2 – The Order is now with the Client for action to either accept or reject the request for time extension. Provider personnel can no longer action the Order (Action button not visible).

The request is now back with the Client for them to either accept or reject the extension of time request. The Order will not be actionable while it is waiting for approval.

Action the Client’s Response

Before the Provider can take further action on the Order, the Client’s response to the Extension of Time request must be viewed and acknowledged as follows:

1. Find and open the Matter for which you requested an Extension of Time.

The Matter screen appears.

N1 - When the Client has responded to the request, the Status changes to CUSTOMER RESPONSE TO EXTENSION OF TIME REQUEST.

See the Tips & Troubleshooting section at the end of this user guide for other ways to find the Client’s response to the request.

2. Scroll down to the Action section of the Matter and click the Action

The Customer Response to Extension of Time Request screen appears.

The Revised Order End date is shown in red in the Order banner (N3) and the Client’s response to the request is shown below the items (N4).

3. To acknowledge the Client’s response, scroll to the bottom of the Customer Response to Extension of Time Request screen and click the Response Viewed

A notification message appears indicating that the response has been acknowledged and that the Engagement Order is now returned to status ORDER IN PROGRESS – OPEN.

4. Click the OK

The display returns to the Matter screen with the Engagement tab selected.

N8 - The Engagement Order is returned to Work In Progress so other actions such as payment claims

Tips & Troubleshooting

To use the Worklist to find the Client’s response to the extension of time request:

1. On the LPG menu, select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist screen appears.

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Customer Response to Extension of Time Request.

NOTE: If there are no responses, the text will be coloured grey and you cannot click it. The list of Orders that have received a response to variation request is displayed.

3. Click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the client response you wish to view.

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