Add Deliverable orders to an Engagement


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The diversity or size of the Matter may require multiple deliverable tasks to be issued to the Provider


When a Matter is created within LPG, a single Provider is initially engaged. Typically, an Engagement Order and one or more Deliverable Orders are allocated to this Provider during the Matter creation process. See topic Create a New Matter for details


The following procedure describes how to add additional Deliverable Orders to an existing Engagement.


  1. Find and open the Matter that you wish to create an additional deliverable order for.
  • N1 - The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab selected for the current Provider.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Matter screen and click the New Order

The New Order screen appears.

  1. Ensure that the correct Engagement has been selected. If there is only one active engagement within the Matter, this will be selected by default.
  2. To add a new deliverable,
  • Select a Work Type Order Template: Select from a list of standard templates to define the new Deliverable Order. The list of templates is the same as the Deliverable templates available within the Matter Creation Wizard. This option is highly recommended.
  • Do not use a template: Select this option if you wish to manually create the Deliverable Order without any defaults populated.


Using a Work Type Order Template

a) Click the Select a Work Type Order Template option.

The Find icon is displayed.

b) Click the Find icon .

The Select Work Type Template window opens and a list of templates is displayed. Only templates that have been categorised as Deliverable Order templates will be displayed.  These have been set up by a person with the LPG Sys Admin role.

c) Click Select next to the template you wish to use.


The Select Work Type Template window closes and the Categorise Order screen appears. The new Deliverable Order has been created.  Details can be reviewed and amended, if required.


Tips & Troubleshooting


  • Depending on the detail that was defined in the template, the deliverable order will be automatically progressed through the order creation process to the latest stage possible.  For many deliverable orders, this might mean that the deliverable is ready for transmission.  If any information from the template fails any LPG validations during the creation process, the deliverable order will be available at the relevant stage so that the information that failed validation can be corrected.
  • The Deliverable Order cannot be transmitted to the Provider unless the Engagement order has been transmitted.



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