Reassigning an Engagement to a new Provider


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The Provider on an Engagement needs to be changed.


When a Matter is created within LPG, a single Provider is initially engaged. Typically, an Engagement Order and one or more Deliverable Orders are allocated to this Provider during the Matter creation process. See topic Create a New Matter for details.  

The following procedure describes what to do if you decide that the Engagement needs to be reassigned to a new Provider.

1. Find and open the Matter for which you wish to reassign the Engagement to a new Provider.
N1 - The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab selected for the current Provider.

N2 - The status of the Engagement and Deliverable orders can be seen.

2. If the Engagement Order has not yet been sent to the Provider, you can either Cancel it or it can be modified and a new Provider selected. Either action will cause any deliverable orders on the Engagement to be cancelled.  New deliverable orders for the new Provider will need to be created.  See topic Add Deliverable Orders to an Engagement for detail.

To reassign the existing Engagement to a new Provider, action the Engagement order from the Engagement tab on the Matter and return to the Provider Selection screen.

  • NOTE: The screen that is opened when you Action the Engagement Order will vary depending on what stage the Order was at.  You may need to select the Re-itemise button first to take you to a screen where you can Reselect Provider.

  • NOTE: Clicking on the Cancel Order button next to the Re-Itemise button will cancel the Engagement.  A new Engagement can then be created (See topic Add a new Engagement to a Matter for details).


3. From the Provider Selection screen, select a new Provider and click on the Save and Continue

4. On the Itemise Order screen, confirm that the selected items are valid for the new Engagement and click on the Save and Continue

5. You will either be taken to a Transmit Order or an Escalate Order screen. If you are uncertain what to do next, select Current Matter from the Matters menu which will enable you to see the current status of all orders within the Matter.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Remember to check any documents on the Matter to determine if the Access Rights need to be changed.

  • You cannot reassign an Engagement if any of the Deliverables under that Engagement have been completed or if any Invoices have been paid.  

  • Although they can be Cancelled, Engagements at a Not Yet Accepted or Overdue status will have to be recalled before you are able to reassign them.

  • For Engagements that have been accepted by the Provider, a STOP request will need to be issued or the provider will need to Unaccept the Engagement to enable the Client to recall or cancel it.
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