21 October 2016 Release - S3D2 - Document Management

The purpose of this document is to set out the changes to functionality and interface design of the Legal Panel Gateway delivered by the release specified above. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please contact Yarris Customer Support at help@yarris.com


Release overview

This release focuses on improving the LPG document management system. LPG will now use the S3 document management system, which requires a migration of all documents from our existing document management system. Changes to the LPG interface have also been introduced due to the new Document Management features available.


Document Migration

All documents that have previously been uploaded to LPG matters have been migrated across from Alfresco to S3, our new document management system.
Extensive testing has taken place to ensure all documents have been successfully migrated in their entirety.


Document Uploads

The new Documents tab manages all your documents and document uploads.

Upload speeds have greatly improved, small sized documents are uploaded within a second, while larger documents of up to 500Mb in size can now be uploaded to LPG.

Multi-file upload is now available.


Document Management

A new Document tab has been added to the Matter and Order screens. The Document tab manages document uploads, Version Control, Metadata, and document Authorization.

The document review process is much clearer and obvious to users; a Review status bar is visible in the Review tab of the Document details when there is a review available.


Changes to Notes

The Notes tab is now only for adding Notes to the file, the document upload functionality has been moved to the Documents tab.


History tab

All changes made to documents, including document deletion, are recorded in the History tab for your reference.


Changes to Order(s) Task type field

The Task Type field in the Order(s) section of the matter has been update to Work Type. The Work Type field now reflects the type of deliverable order associated to the matter. I.e. Program, Initial Advise, Advice, etc. Previously, users much click through to the deliverable order to see the the Work type.


Support Documents

Document management support documents have been updated and are available in the Yarris Help site https://help.yarris.com/hc/en-us/sections/202983363-Document-Management

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