Reset a User's Password


System Administrator, HR Administrator


Users cannot gain access to LPG without a valid password.


Request from User to reset password.

Before you begin

  • Only users with the HR Admin and Sys Admin roles can edit the User (or Person) details.


1. On the LPG menu select Users > Find Users.

The User List screen appears.

2. Enter search criteria required to find the person (e.g. Username).
3. Click the Submit

The list of Users matching the search criteria are displayed below the Submit button.

4. Click the Reset link next to the User who requires a change of password.

The Reset Password screen appears.

5. Click the Reset Password

The display returns to the User List screen with all Users listed.

The User’s password is reset to ONETIME.  The next time the user logs in and uses the ONETIME password, they will be prompted to reset their password.

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