Find, Edit, & Create a Panel Type


Technical Contract Manager



Create a new Panel Type, Find and edit details of a Panel Type, Activate/deactivate a Panel Type. 

Before you begin

  • Only Users with the Technical Contract Manager role can view the Panel Type details.


1. On the LPG menu select Components > Panel Types.

The List Panel Type screen appears.

N1 – Search criteria to filter the list of existing Schedules.

N2 – this section is used to create a new Schedule.

N3 – The list of existing Schedules.

To filter the list of existing Panel Types do the following:

2. Enter the search criteria as required.

N1 - In the example shown above, the search shows Panel Types that have “GEN” in the ID.

3. Click the Search

The list is filtered to only show the Panel Types matching the search criteria.

4. Click the icon in the Active column to either activate or deactivate a Panel Type. (Green tick  is active. Red cross  is deactivated. Each click switches between active and deactivated.)

·      NOTE: Deactivating a Panel Type will mean new Matters cannot be created for that Panel Type. Existing Matters associated with that Panel Type are not affected by the deactivation. Panel Types  cannot be deleted. They can only be deactivated.

The number of Areas of Law and the number of Items associated with each Panel Type is displayed.

5. Click the Area of Law number to see a list of the Areas of Law associated with a Panel Type.

The List Area of Law screen appears. From the Area of Law List, you can drill down further to see the Items within each Area of Law (A). See topic Find/Edit an Area of Law for details. 

6. Select Components > Panel Types from the LPG menu to return to the Panel Types List.

To edit a Schedule do the following:

7. Click Edit.

The fields of the selected Schedule become editable.

8. Edit the fields as required (use the Find icon to search for the default GL Account if required).
9. To save the changes, click the Update

The Schedule is updated.

To create a new Schedule do the following:

10. Fill in the fields in the Create Schedule section of the List Schedules
11. Click the Add

The new Schedule is added to the list of Schedules.
N1 - It is not linked to any Service Categories or Schedule Items when it is created.
There are several other tasks that must be performed before the Schedule can be used to create Orders such as link to Service Categories, link to Schedule Items, link to Workgroups. See the Related Topics section at the beginning of this document.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Areas of Law validated by Yarris will need to have items linked to them. See topic Link Item to Area of Law for more detail.
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