Milestones – Create & Manage Overview


Sys Admin, Customer Operations, Supplier Operations


Overview of the creation and management of Milestones


Before you begin

Milestones are applied to Orders or Matters to provide checkpoints to monitor progress. Although Milestones are linked to Orders or Matters, they do not affect the processing of Orders.



Role: System Administrator:

-       Configuration for Milestones (messaging etc.)

-       Add/Edit Milestone Types

-       Add/Edit Milestone Group

-       Add Order/Matter Milestone Tags (associate Milestone types with Work Types)

-       Search Milestone Type/Milestone Group

-       View Milestone Change History


Role: Customer Operations:

-       Search Milestones

-       View Milestone History on Orders / Matters

-       Add Milestone (instance) to Order / Matter

-       Edit Milestone (instance) – Status, forecast date, completion date


Role: Supplier Operations:

-       Edit Milestone instance - completion date

-       Search Milestones

-       View Milestone History



1. A person with the System Administrator role creates generic Milestone Types and Milestone Groups.

Matter Milestones can be added only to Matters.
Order Milestones can be added only to Orders.

2. The System Administrator links “Anchor” Milestones to Groups and, if extended milestones have been enabled, defines dependencies between Milestones, “chaining” them together. See topic Milestone Basics for more details.

3. After creating the Milestone Groups and Milestones structure, the System Administrator can associate them with Work Types. This is called “tagging” the Milestones. See topic Milestones – Milestone Tags.


If LPG is configured for “automatic instantiation” of Milestones, tagging will have the following benefits:

  • When an Order is transmitted to a Provider, any relevant Order Milestones and/or Milestone Groups will be automatically added to the Order.
  • When a Matter is created, any relevant Matter Milestones and/or Milestone Groups will automatically be added to the Matter.


4. The following configurations need to be made so that Operations personnel can make use of Milestones:

  • System Administrator - In the Customer Configuration settings, the System Administrator can set up notifications (emails and LPG messages) to provide warnings when milestones are near the deadline or have been breached.
  • LPG User – If the System Administrator has enabled Users to do their own Configuration, each User can manage their notifications (including Milestone notifications.)
  • Commercial Contract Manager – On Contracts, the Commercial Contract Manager can enable automatic instantiation of Milestones if this functionality has been turned on. This allows Milestones to be automatically added to Orders and Matters.


See topic Milestones – Configuration for steps to perform the configuration.


Using Milestones

After the System Administrator has defined the generic Milestones and the necessary configuration has been performed, the Operations personnel can work with Milestones as follows:

5. Customer Operations can manually add Milestones and/or Milestone Groups to Orders and Matters, as required. This is in addition to any Milestones that were automatically added to the Orders and Matters via automatic instantiation.

Note:  the same milestone cannot be added twice to an Order or Matter.

6. Customer and Provider Operations can monitor the status of the Order Milestones of an individual Order using the Order Timeline. (NOTE: The Timeline tab is only visible on the View Order It is not visible when actioning the Order).

7. Customer and Provider Operations can monitor the status of the Matter Milestones and Order Milestones within the Matter using the Matter Timeline.

8. Customer and Provider Operations can view the status of all Order Matter milestones (to which they have access) using the Milestone Worklist. See topic Milestones - Worklist.

9. Customer Operations can edit Matter Milestones and Order Milestones to update the Action (set the status) and edit Milestone dates. See topic Milestones – Add to Order / Matter.

10. Provider Operations can edit the Actual Date (completion date) of Matter Milestones. See topic Milestones – Manage Milestones.

11. Customer Operations can view the history of the Matter Milestones (accessed via the Matter Timeline) or Order Milestones (accessed via the Order Timeline). See topic Milestones - History.


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