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To perform this procedure, you need the following roles:

Matter Manager + Contract Administrator + Job Originator + Scheduler + Verifier

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Update the matter details, start/end date service type and status, after the matter has been created.  


1. On the LPG menu, select Matter > Find Matters

The List Matters screen appears

2. From the List Matters screen,
a) Enter your search criteria

b) Click on the Search All Matters that satisfy you search criteria will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the screen.

c) In the Action column for each Matter, click on:

i) Acquire – to assign the Matter to yourself. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.
ii) Release – to “let go” of a Matter that is assigned to so that another member of your Workgroup can acquire it. Clicking on this button will clear your name from the Matter Owner Column.
iii) Action – the Matter is assigned to you. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.

iv) Takeover – the Matter is assigned to someone else in your Workgroup. Clicking on this button will assign the matter to you and will open the Matter screen.

NOTE:  The Takeover button will only be available if you are configured as a supervisor in your workgroup in LPG.

The Matter screen for the selected Matter is opened.

  1. On the Matter screen, scroll down to the bottom.

a) Click on the Update Matter Details

The Update Matter  screen appears

  1. From the Update Matter screen, you are able to:

a) Change Matter details.

b) Click on the Update button to save any changes you have made.

c) Click on the Cancel button to close the Update Matter screen and return you to the Matter screen without making any changes.

You will be taken back to the Matter screen where you also have the option to change details on the Project Order underlying the Matter.

  1. Clicking on the Create / Change Project Order button opens the Modify Project Order

From this screen you can change the default selections that will be used in the creation of new orders.


Tips & Troubleshooting



  • Selecting defaults in your Project Order will streamline the order creation process.  
  • Clicking the checkbox next to each field allows you to enter data into that field which will be automatically populated on new orders.  These are default values that can be changed during the order creation process, if required.
  • Using the Service Period End Date calculator will enable you to automatically calculate the order end date based on an order duration.



Understanding Matter Status:

When a new Matter is created, it is assigned a status of Active enabling orders to be created within the Matter.  After creation, a Matter can transition to one of the four other stages as per the following flow diagram.  All status changes on a Matter are manually applied by you.  An audit trail of all changes is maintained on the Matter history.




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