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Define and briefly explain the purpose of Workgroups within LPG.


A Resource is a group of users within the Legal Firm who are able to access and action Orders and Invoices within a certain business or operational unit.  For example, different resource groups may be set up to manage matters associated to different Panel types.


Linking Resources to each other by Roles is a key feature of how LPG works.  The following examples show how different workflows can be modelled using Workgroups and Roles:

  • Example A - The Allocators are linked only to Operators in the same Resource. In this instance, the Allocator can only assign Orders to their own Resource.

  • Example B - The Allocators are linked to multiple Operations groups. In this instance, the Allocator must select which Operations resource group will manage the order after they accept it.


Create Resource Group Names

1. On the LPG menu select Users > Resource Names.

The List Workgroup Names screen appears.

2. Click the Edit

This allows you to change the Default Resource group name.

3. Click the Add

This allows you to create additional Resource group names.

Create / Manage Resources

1. On the LPG menu select Users > Resources.

The List Resources screen appears.

2. For each Resource group, the following actions can be taken:

  • Clicking on the icon opens the Resource Update The Users tab list all users belonging to the Resource.  If the company is profiled to allow this, the Order Allocation tab enables users with supervisor access in this Resource to assign/reassign work.

·      NOTE: The Legal Firm need to be profiled to allow the assignment of work by Supervisors.  If you wish to have this feature enabled, please contact the Customer Support team. 

  • Click on the icon to delete a resource group. A Resource can only be deleted if it has no users, orders or links associated to it.

  • Clicking on the icon displays other Resources the selected resource is linked to.

3. To add a new Resource group to a role, click on the icon next to each role label. This opens the Create New Resource screen where you select a Resource name to apply to the new Resource Group. 


·      NOTE: Resource Names need to be defined before the Resource group can be created. 

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