Set Your Personal Messaging Preferences


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LPG users can configure their personal messaging preferences to specify what email notifications they receive



1. On the LPG menu select Users > My Contact Details.

The My Contact Details screen appears with the Details tab selected.

2. Click the Messaging Preference tab.

The message options are displayed.

N1 – This section is set by the company LPG Sys Admin and identifies who within the company will receive email notifications (Primary Contact and/or Workgroup Supervisors).
N2 – Depending on how the N1 section has been configured, this will affect the ability to either update or set your own messaging preferences.

In the screenshot example below, N1 it shows that email reminders to the Primary Contact and Workgroup Supervisors have been disabled to 'No'.
N2 shows that this current user is the Primary Contact and a Workgroup Supervisor, therefore the email preferences are disabled unless N1 is reconfigured.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Save button.

NOTE: If your User Preference(s) has been switched off/disabled, you will still default to receiving the automated system generated emails from the LPG (such as SLA breach notifications etc) along with any enabled Company messaging triggers set up by the System Administrator. 


NOTE: If you wish to receive email notifications relating to document management, select the ‘Notes & Documents’ tick-box under the Advice of Attachments section within the Messaging Preferences list. Remember to click the Save button to update your changes.




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