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To locate work within the LPG.  Understanding the difference between “actionable” work and “view only” helps the User manage their tasks within LPG.


Before you begin

NOTE: Only Orders that are relevant to your Roles and Resource groups are visible.


There are a number of ways to locate work in the LPG and the method you use may determine what can be done once you locate your work.

Search menu options vs Find menu options

These two menu options DO NOT work the same way and may produce different results.

  • N1 - Search options, accessed from the Worklist menu, only retrieve Orders or Invoices that you are able to action. The results from the Search filters are displayed in “Worklists” according to the status of the orders / invoices. If Orders / Invoices are cancelled or complete, they cannot be found using the Search Order / Search Invoice  
  • If the Order/ Invoice has moved to the Customer side for them to action, it can also be accessed from the Viewable worklist (N2 which opens the View Order/ View Invoice screens from which only some very specific actions can be taken (ie recall)
  • N3 - The My Work function can also be used to conduct and save detailed searches for Orders, Invoices and Matters. See topic My Work Overview and Search.
  • N4 – Find options exist for all entities. This is a broader search tool because it finds all records regardless of status. Find searches retrieve records that can only be accessed in a View mode.

All find and search screens in the LPG have filter selections at the top of the screen to enable you to refine your search.  Because LPG is highly customisable, the fields on your screen may vary slightly from those shown below.  On some filters, default input values will appear – this is to reduce the possibility of a user unintentionally initialising an extremely large search by clicking on the Search button without making any selections.

The filters are comprised of many different types of fields. On the Search Orders screen:

  • N1 – dropdown lists are available that enable selection of one item from a list of up to 30 items.
  • For larger lists (N2), the magnifying glass search icon opens a popup screen to assist you to search for a particular value. Once selected, this value will be written back to the filter.
  • N3 - In many of the text search fields you can type part of a word and LPG will search for anything that matches.
  • A date picker is provided to assist with selection on Date search fields (N4). Many date fields are presented in pairs to enable a From and To range to be specified. 
  • N5 – Customers can create custom fields on Orders which are specific to their organisation. Use the Search Attribute fields to perform searches based on these user-defined Order fields. This can be done by:
    1. Selecting the user-defined field that you wish to filter by from the drop down list
    2. Selecting the required value associated with this field

      Note: Attributes will be prefixed by the client name to enable you to distinguish between them, If         you are receiving Matters from more than client

  • N6 - Once your search criteria are defined, click the Search


·      WARNING: If the search criteria you specify are too vague or broad ranging, the search could potentially return thousands of results over many years. Such a search has the potential to cause your computer and/or network to slow down and possibly cause LPG to crash. Formulate your search thoughtfully and select the search criteria carefully in order to return a manageable number of records.

Action Screens 

Action screens can only be accessed by clicking on an Acquire, Takeover or Action button from a worklist.  From the screen that is subsequently opened, the user is able to move the order / invoice through its life-cycle by providing more information or submitting requests or claims to the Client.  These actions change the status of the order/invoice.


View Screens

To open a View screen, click on the Order Id / Invoice No from a Matter View screen, a Viewable worklist or the results of a My Work search.

The only actions available from the Tax Invoice screen (the View Screen for Invoices), are:

There are no actions available from the View Order screen opened from Find searches.  The Recall button is only shown on the View Order screen opened from a My Work search.

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