Recall/Stop/Cancel Orders, Claims & Invoices


Any LPG User who can action an Order (Engagement or Deliverable), Claim or Invoice


There may be various reasons why an Order, Claim or Invoice might need to be reverted to an earlier phase in the Workflow. Typically, this might be needed if the Order, Claim or Invoice has been moved to the next phase and then the User realizes there was an error or that more processing was required at the previous stage (e.g. incomplete/inaccurate details)



 Engagement Orders and associated Deliverable Orders move through various stages from the time they are created. Likewise, Payment Claims and subsequent Invoices move through stages. 

At various points in the workflow, control of the Order/Claim/Invoice moves back and forward between the Client and the Provider.  At each of the various stages, specific LPG roles will have control of the Order/Claim/Invoice.

The Recall functionality allows the User to move the Order/Claim/Invoice back one stage at a time.

  •  NOTE: The button to move the Order/Claim/Invoice back to the previous stage may have different names. For example, after the Provider accepts an Order (Engagement or Deliverable), the Unaccept  Order button  allows the Provider to move it back from Work In Progress. When the Order is at the “NOT YET ACCEPTED” status, the Client can use the Recall button to bring it back to the Client side to the Transmit Order stage.

The Cancel functionality allows the client to cancel an Order that has not been accepted by the Provider; or the Provider to cancel an order or an invoice.

The Stop functionality allows the Client to send a Notice of Cancellation to the Provider.  The Provider can either agree to the Stop request which causes the order to be cancelled, or they can submit a claim for payment in response to the request if they had already commenced work against the Order.



Example 1: Recall an Unaccepted Order (from Provider to Client)

1. Find and open the Matter containing the Engagement and/or Deliverable that you need to recall.
The Matter screen appears.

2. Click the Orders
The list of Orders associated with the Matter is displayed.
N1 - Because the Orders are awaiting action from the Provider there are no Action buttons and the Order is identified as “View Only”.

3. Click the Order number.
The View Order screen appears.

  • IMPORTANT: There is no confirmation step to allow you to cancel the recall operation. If you click the Recall button, the Order is immediately moved back to the previous stage in the workflow.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the View Order screen and click the Recall
The Order is moved to the previous stage. In the example shown above, the Order has moved from the Accept Order stage (awaiting action by the Provider to accept or reject) back to the Transmit Order stage (awaiting action by the Client to send the Order to the Provider).

  • NOTE: If you recall an Engagement Order when it is at status “Not Yet Accepted”, any associated Deliverable Orders are automatically recalled also.
  • Because the Order is effectively withdrawn from the Provider, they will no longer see it (unless it is transmitted to them again).

Example 2: Recall an Approved Extension of Time Request (from Provider to Client)

Recalling an Extension of Time request that has already been Approved requires a recall action by the Client which can only occur if the Provider has not yet viewed the Customer’s response to the Extension of Time request.

1. Click on the Worklist -> Viewable menu option.

2. From the My Worklist – Summary screen, select the Customer Response to Extension of Time Request (View Only) option.

3. The My Worklist - Customer Response to Extension of Time Request (View Only) screen opens listing all Extension of Times Requests that had been responded to but the responses had not yet been viewed by the Providers.

4. Action the Order from the Worklist.
This opens the View Order screen.

5. Scroll down to the  bottom of the screen and click on the Recall button to return the Order to an Request for Extension of Time status (from which the Provider can recall it).

Stop Orders

Once an Order has been accepted by the Provider, it cannot be directly cancelled by the Client.  A Stop notification can be issued to the Provider which is a request for cancellation. 

1. This is done from the View screen of the order which can be opened by:

a. clicking on the Order Id from the Matter screen
b. retrieving the order from the My Work search
c. picking up the order from the viewable worklist Work in Progress – Orders Open (View Only)

2. Scroll to the bottom of the View Order screen, and click on the Stop Order button

3. A confirmation screen is displayed allowing the user to confirm the Stop request and to provide a reason.

4. The Provider will receive notification of the Stop request and will have the ability to confirm cancellation or request payment by submitting a Claim.

Cancel Orders

Orders that have not yet been accepted by the Provider can be cancelled by the Client from any action screen.

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