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The Provider cannot submit claims for payment (and subsequent invoices) until a Budget has been established for the Engagement.  The budget is set when the Provider’s request for variation of the budget for the Engagement Order is approved.
SLAs may be applied against the Client for the timely processing of budget variation and extension of time requests.



To find variation requests, do the following:

(See the Tips & Troubleshooting section at the end of this user guide for steps on how to use MyWork to find variation requests.)

1. On the LPG menu, select Worklist > All.

 The My Worklist screen appears.

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Request for Variation.

If there are no requests for variation (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.
The Request for Variation worklist appears.

3. Click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the variation request that you want to action.

See user guide Worklists for more information on the buttons.  

The Verify Variation screen appears with the Items tab (N2) selected. There are two methods of budget allocation:

  • A budget allocation for each cost type (e.g. Disbursements, Legal fees). In this case the request for variation will include a list of variations by cost type. In the example shown below, there was a total budget of $20,000. The Provider has itemized the budget required for each cost type (N3) which amounts to a new Total Budget request of $22,000.

For cost types that the Provider has not requested a budget variation, the Requested and Variation Status columns are blank (N4).

  • A budget allocation for the total cost of the Engagement Order without allocations for cost types. In this case the request will have a single line for the total budget requested (N4).

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Verify Variation screen and view the comments made by the Provider about the Variation request.

5. To see if there are any relevant attached files do the following:
a. Click the History

The history of actions performed on this Engagement Order is displayed.

b. If the Provider has attached a relevant file as in the example shown above (N5), click the Document tab to view the attached document.

See topic Manage Documents Attached to a Matter Order for details.

6. If the decision is to accept all requested variations do the following:

a. Click the Items

N6 - The Allocation table is displayed.

b. Click the Accept button in the header of the Allocation table.

N7 - Each of the Accept buttons is automatically selected.

c. Optionally a comment can be entered in the Customer Response to Variation

d. Click the Submit

  • The actions described in step 6 apply also when accepting a variation for a Total Budget allocation where there is only a Total Limit to be verified (N8).

7. If the decision is to reject any of the requested variations do the following:

a. Click the individual Accept and Reject buttons to selectively determine which variation requests are to be accepted and rejected.

N9 - To reject all requests, click the Reject button in the header of the Allocation table. This causes the Reject button on each request to be automatically selected.

b. When rejecting any of the requests, the Customer Response to Variation field must be filled in.

c. Click the Submit

A confirmation message appears.

d. Click the OK

The display returns to the screen from which the variation request was accessed. In the example shown above, the display would return to the My Worklist – Request for Variation screen. The accepted/rejected Order is no longer on the list.

If accessed from the Matter, the display would return to the Matter screen. If accessed from the MyWork screen, the display would return to MyWork.

  • NOTE: LPG notifies you if the new Budget is beyond your approval limit. If so, you need to escalate the Matter to a Team Leader or Manager with sufficient delegation to accept the request. Alternatively, you can choose to escalate the Variation Request even if you have approval authority by clicking the Escalate to Manager button (N1). Once escalated, the Order cannot be further actioned until the Manager responds. See user guide Escalate to Manager.


Tips & Troubleshooting

To use MyWork to find Provider variation requests:

1. Enter the search criteria:
a. Select “Order” from the View Entity drop down list.
b. Select Available to My Workgroup.
c. Select “REQUEST FOR VARIATIONS” from the Status

2. Click the Submit

The Table lists the requests from Providers for budget variations.

3. Click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the request you wish to action.

N1: Use the Save View button to save this search so it can be run with a single click next time.

N1 - If notification messages are turned on, you may see pop-up messages when new variation requests arrive.



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