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To notify the customer that the work is completed so they can do their post-work processing (e.g document review), as required.  Once the Order is marked as complete, Provider Accounts can submit the Claim to be paid for the work.

Before you begin

  • For all orders issued to the Provider (Engagement and Deliverable), after acceptance of the order, progress on the order should be recorded in LPG by updating attribute and attaching documents. Once the required work has been done, the Order should be marked Complete and a Final claim submitted so that the order can be closed.


1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist Summary appears.

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Work In Progress.

NOTE: If there is no Work In Progress (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

3. Click the Action (or Acquire) button next to the Order you wish to complete.


The Order in Progress screen appears with the Items tab selected.

4. Click each tab on the Order to check that the details are correct.

5. If the Orders is an Engagement order, ensure that there is sufficient budget on the Order for the claim you wish to make.

If the budget need to be adjusted use the Request Variation button.
(See topic Request Budget Variation on Engagement Order for details.)

Note:  you can only request a Budget Variation on an Engagement Order.

If you need more time to complete the work, use the Request for Extension of Time button. (See topic Request for Extension of Time for details.)

6. If text notes need to be attached (e.g. a summary of actions taken), click the Notes tab and write the text note. See topic Attach Notes to Matter Order for details.

7. If text files/documents need to be attached (e.g. Investigators report), click the Documents tab and attach the file(s). See topic Attach Document to Matter Order for details.

8. If you want to print or export a copy of the order, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on View/Print or View/Print (Hide Rates)

9. If all details of the Order are correct and complete, click the Work Complete button.

 If the order was an Engagement Order, A warning appears advising that no further work can be undertaken for this Engagement if the Provider continues.

If the Provider continues or if the Order was a Deliverable order, a warning appears indicating that the Order is completed.

10. If you want to immediately submit the Invoice for payment, use the Continue to Submit Claim (See topic Submit an Invoice for details.) Otherwise, click Back to Worklist.

The display returns to the Work in Progress Worklist. The completed Order no longer appears here. It has moved to the Work Completed - Docket Not Yet Submitted Worklist. The customer receives an automatic email that the Order is complete.

The Order status has changed to Done - Awaiting Claim.

N1 - On the Submit Claim screen, it is possible to move the Order back to Work In Progress by clicking the Work not Complete button.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Remember: The Order will not be marked Complete until the Final Claim is submitted.  If the Final Claim is for $0 (a Deliverable Order), the order will closed as soon as the Claim is submitted.  If the claim is for payment of the Engagement, an invoice must be submitted and approved by the Customer before the Order is closed.
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