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The Recall function only brings the invoice back to the point where the Provider can attach a new copy of the invoice file and resubmit.

Before you begin

  • IMPORTANT: If the Client has already processed the Invoice, you cannot recall it.


  • NOTE: The Find Invoices function (N1) is a useful search tool however it only allows you to view and print the submitted Invoice. You cannot use this function to recall the Invoice.


To use My Work to recall the Invoice, do the following:

1. Select Worklist > My Work from the menu.

  • See the Tips & Troubleshooting section at the end of this user guide for alternative methods of accessing the Invoice to recall it. 

The My Work screen appears.

1. If there is an “Invoices Awaiting Approval” View, click it.
NOTE: Views are easily created and named. The Views you see in MyWork may be different from those shown in the example.
N2 - See the set of MyWork User Guides including Save and Use My Work Views for details.

2. If there isn’t a View (as specified in step 1), enter the search criteria as follows:
a. Select “Invoice” from the View Entity drop down list.
b. Select Available to My Resource (since the work may not be specifically assigned to you).
c. Select “AWAITING APPROVAL” from the Status
d. Possibly include a date range to reduce the volume of results.
e. Click the Submit

N3 - The list displays Invoices submitted but not yet approved by the Client.

3. Click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the Invoice you wish to recall.

The View Invoice screen appears.

4. Click the Recall

The Invoice is recalled from the Client and the Submit Invoice screen appears.

N3 – The Invoice status is reset to NOT YET SUBMITTED.

5. A new Invoice file can now be attached and resubmitted following the standard procedure described in topic Close Engagement Order and Submit Final Claim.


Tips & Troubleshooting

The Invoice can also be accessed by finding and opening the Matter. You can then go to the Engagement tab (N4) or the Invoices tab to see the Invoices associated with the Matter.

N5 - Click the Action button to go to the Invoice and recall it.


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