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After work is complete on an Engagement, the Provider submits a claim for payment which requires an invoice to be uploaded and sent to the Customer.


1. Find and open the Matter that you wish to submit an invoice for.

Various methods can be used to find the Matter including My Work, Worklist All and Find Matter.
N1 - In the example shown above, Find Matter is used to search for Matters with specific text in the Matter Name field.

The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab selected. 
The Engagement is at status AWAITING INVOICE (N2) and the final invoice is at status NOT YET SUBMITTED (N3).

2. Click the Action button on the Invoice.

The Submit Invoice screen appears with the Invoice Items tab selected.

3. Enter the Invoice Number.
IMPORTANT: This must match the filename of the Invoice you are about to upload.

a. Optionally enter an Invoice Message that describes the Invoice you are submitting.

4. Click the Submit

The Submit Invoice screen appears.

5. Click the Choose File

The Open window appears.

6. Find and select the Invoice file that was exported from the financial/accounting system (in step 5 of this procedure), then click the Open

7. The display returns to the Submit Invoice (Upload Attachment)
N1 - The selected file name is displayed next to the Choose File button.

8. Enter a Description that will identify the uploaded file.

9. Click the Upload

N2 - A message is displayed indicating that the invoice was successfully submitted.
N3 - If desired, the LPG-generated Invoice can be viewed by clicking the View/Print Invoice button.
N4 - If desired, the uploaded Invoice file can be viewed by clicking the View Attachment button.

10. Click the Back to Worklist 

The display returns to the screen from which you started processing the Invoice. In the example shown in the steps above, the procedure started from the Matter screen. So the display returns to the Matter screen with the Engagement tab selected.

N5 - The summary is updated showing the total invoiced so far.

N6 – The uploaded Invoice # is displayed and the Status is changed to AWAITING APPROVAL. A new Payment Claim can at this point be commenced if required.

NOTE: The uploaded invoice document can be viewed or downloaded from the Documents tab.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Remember: The invoice # entered into LPG must match the name of the file that was exported from your financial/accounting system.


  • NOTE: The Invoice is now with the Client for them to approve and initiate payment. Until the Invoice is approved, you cannot close the Engagement. See user guide Close Engagement Order and Final Payment for procedure.  A new Payment Claim can be started while the Invoice is awaiting approval.


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