Attaching a Document to a Matter or an Order

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Any User who can view or action the Matter/Order


Documents can be attached to a Matter or to the Orders, Invoices and Quotes associated with the Matter. Attachments can be made by both Client and Provider personnel at most stages regardless of which side the Order is on for action (Client or Provider).


A Matter can have several Orders/Invoices associated with it. Documents can be uploaded and attached to the individual Orders/Invoices by the Customer and Providers, or to the Matter by the Customer. Documents can also be attached to a Quote.

  • N1 – All uploaded documents (whether attached to an Order/Invoice/Quote or the Matter) can be accessed via the Documents tab in the Matter (See topic Manage Documents Attached to Matter Order.) Documents are also visible on the Documents tab of the entity they were attached to.
  • N2 - The Context column shows what the document is associated with (Order number, Invoice number, Quote number – column is blank for documents attached at Matter level).


This user guide describes how to attach documents.  The procedure is the same for Matters and Orders.1. Find and open the Matter you wish to attach a document to. See user guides LPG Search Functions and My Work Overview & Search for a discussion of ways to find Matters and Orders.The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab highlighted.The list of Engagements associated with this Matter is displayed. Attachments can be added to the Matter, the Engagement or to Deliverable orders.  Identify what level you wish to add the attachment to.2. If the document is to be added to an order, click the Order number to which you need to attach the document.The View Order screen appears.3. Click the Documents tabThe Add a new document panel is displayed.

  • N1 – New documents can be uploaded to the Order/Matter
  • N2 – Once uploaded, documents are presented in the Document list.
  • N3 – You can search for specific documents in the list. LPG will search for the input text in the document name, document description and document type fields.


To upload documents, do the following:

1. Click the Default Type drop down to select a document type to be applied to the document. The list will only include document types that are associated to the entity that you are attaching the document to (i.e. If you are on an order, the list will only include documents types that have been associated to orders).


2. Click the Choose Files / Browse button to open a browser window (A) from which you can select one or more documents to upload. (NOTE: The window that is opened may look a little different to the example below based on the browser that you are using).3. After selecting your file(s), you are returned to the documents tab where the number of files you selected is shown next to the Choose Files / Browse button. Hovering over the number will display the names of the selected files.


4. Click the Add Document(s) button. The Add Document(s) window opens.

  • N1 – Each new document to be uploaded is listed.
  • N2 – The upload progress is displayed. For small files, progress from 0 to 100% is almost instantaneous.
  • N3 – You can input a more detailed description for each file or, alternatively, enter a series of search terms (tags) that may assist with finding the document at a later time.
  • N4 – The default document type has been associated with all documents – this can be changed, if required.
  • N5 – Once the upload has been completed, click on the Submit button to return to the documents tab.

  5. All uploaded documents are now visible in the documents list.6. Documents added to an Order are also visible on the documents tab of the Matter.

  • N1 – Clicking on the expand icon  next to the document name open the document management area.  See topic Manage Documents attached to Matters Orders.
  • N2 – Document Types can be flagged as ‘Requiring Review’. Any document uploaded by Providers with this document type will automatically trigger a document review cycle.  The initial review status of these documents is ‘Pending’.  See topic Manage Documents attached to Matters Orders.
  • N3 – All columns of information displayed in the document list can be used for sorting the documents. Clicking twice on the column heading initiates the sort.  Clicking on a column that is currently being used to sort data reverses the sort (ie toggles between ascending and descending sorts).
  • N4 – The current version number of each document is displayed. A version number of 1 indicates that the document is the original upload and that no new versions of the document have been uploaded.
  • N5 – If the document was uploaded against an order or invoice, the order id or invoice number are displayed in the context column.


Tips & Troubleshooting 

See topic Manage Documents Attached to a Matter for more information on using the Documents tab to manage all documents (whether attached via the Matter or an Order) including:

  • View/download a copy of a document;
  • Filter the list of documents with a keyword search;
  • View the version history of a document;
  • Upload a new version of a document;
  • Modify the document details such as document type (metadata);

Modify workgroup access rights to a document.

NOTE: If you attempt to upload a document that has previously been uploaded, the following warning will be displayed and the document will not be uploaded.


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