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If a Key Person has left the Firm, all links to that person should be cleared to ensure that they are not inadvertently assigned to new matters.

Before you begin

  • The person must be added as an LPG User but does not need an LPG User Profile (no LPG roles need to be assigned).


  • IMPORTANT:  If a Key Person will no longer be acting in that role (e.g. leaving the law firm), it is extremely important to identify any Orders allocated to that Key Person and reassign them to a different Key Person prior to deactivating them as an LPG User.

If a person who has been associated to LPG orders as the Key Person no longer fulfills that role, the following tasks need to be performed:

  1. Identify the Orders that the person has been associated with.
  2. Reallocate orders to a new Key Person.
  3. Remove the person’s link to Areas of Law.
  • NOTE: If the person is no longer working for the Firm, ensure that their user record has been deactivated.  See topic Edit User Details.



There are three main steps involved in disassociating a person with an Area of Law (AOL):

  1. Identify the orders for the AOL for which the person is the Key Person;
  2. Reassign the Orders to a new Person;
  3. Unlink the person from the Area of Law.

Step 1: Identify Orders for an Area of Law and specific Key Person

On the LPG menu select Worklist > My Work
The My Work screen appears.

N1 – Ensure that the View Entity is set to Order.  If anything else is being displayed, select Order from the dropdown.

N2 – Click the Available to My Resource radio button to ensure that all orders that the user has access to are included in the search.

N3 – Click on Both in the Action mode to retrieve all active orders regardless of whether they are currently awaiting action from the Provider or the Customer.

N4 – If the Key Person is only being disassociated from a particular Area of Law and may still be active in other Areas of Law, select the Area(s) of Law from the dropdown.  NOTE: The Area of Law dropdown only becomes visible after you have selected the appropriate Panel Type.

N5 – Select the Key Person that you want to replace on the orders.

Click on the Submit button to initiate the My Work search.

The list of Orders matching the search criteria is displayed 

  •  Note:  Only Active orders will be retrieved in this search, as no further work is required for Completed or Cancelled orders

N6 – The number of Orders that satisfy the search criteria is displayed. The screen defaults to showing 10 of these orders at a time.  You can use the paging options  to move to other pages.

N7 – Orders that are currently awaiting action by the customer will not be able to actioned by you, so the key person on these orders will not be able to be changed until the current customer action has been completed. 

Step 2: Reallocate Orders to a new Key Person

Click the Acquire or Action buttons to open the order in an editable mode. 
This action will Take Over the order.  See topic Worklists for more details.

Click on the Key Personnel tab.

Click on the search icon  to open the Pick Key Person window
From this screen, a new key Person can be selected.

Clicking the Submit button returns the user to the order screen.

Select My Work from the Worklist menu.  The previous search is still displayed and the order that was actioned is highlighted. This distinguishes between orders that have been opened and changed and those that have not.

  • Note: The highlighting will remain in place until the screen is refreshed.  As the highlighted orders no longer satisfy the search criteria (i.e. the Key person on them has been changed), they will be removed from the list. 


Step 3: Remove the Person Link to Areas of Law

1. On the LPG menu select Users > Key Personnel Link.
The Key Personnel Link screen appears. It lists all Users from your firm who are set up as Key Persons.

Use the Page buttons and scroll down the pages as required to find the User whose Areas of Law you wish to remove

2. Click Modify Links next to the Key Person’s name.

The Key Personnel Link screen appears. The top part of the screen displays the User’s details.
N1 - The Areas of Law list shows Areas of Law not currently linked to this User.
N2 - The Linked Areas of Law list is the User’s specialty list. When the User is first added as a Key Person, this list will be blank.

3. To remove the Areas of Law from the User’s specialty list, click on Move All to Left:

4. To save changes to the Key Person’s specialties list, click the Save
Clicking the Back button returns to the Key Personnel Link screen without saving any changes.

  • NOTE:  If the Key Person is only being removed from some but not all Areas of Law, select the relevant Areas of Law and click on the Move to Left button.
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