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To Understand the Claim/Invoice Process in the LPG


Creating the Matter, Engagements and Deliverable Orders

The Client creates a Matter and engages one or more Providers to perform work on the Matter. Each Engagement typically involves the delivery of several documents (e.g. Program, Initial Advice, Updated Advice) before the submission of a claim for payment for the work done and the closure of the Engagement.

In the LPG, the Client creates the Matter, the Engagement Order and one or more Deliverable Orders.  There are various types of Deliverable Order, the majority of which are for the delivery of specific types of document. Each Deliverable Order is for a single document (e.g. one Deliverable Order for an Advice document, another Deliverable Order for a Program document). The Client transmits the Engagement Order and Deliverable Orders to the Provider. Once the Provider accepts the Engagement Order, they can commence work on the engagement. Each Deliverable Order also needs to be accepted.


Work within an Engagement

Orders accepted by the Provide move into a Work in Progress status where the Provider can

  • attach notes to advise of progress
  • attach document to close deliverable orders
  • submit requests for payment
  • complete the engagement

Getting Paid While Work is in Progress on the Engagement

  • N1 - While work is in progress on the Engagement, the Provider can make interim claims for payment against the Engagement Order. (Claims for payment are not made against the Deliverable Orders.)
  • N2 - After submitting the Claim, a matching Invoice must be uploaded and submitted to the Client for approval and payment. Once the Invoice for a Payment Claim has been approved by the Client, another Claim for payment can be submitted by the Provider, if required.  
  • N3 - Once the invoice for a Final Claim has been approved by the Client and payment details have been recorded in the LPG, the Engagement Order will be automatically closed.


IMPORTANT: If there are any documents requiring review associated with the Matter, the Client must explicitly approve each of these documents. LPG will not allow the Provider to submit the final Claim for Payment until all documents requiring review have been approved.


Submitting the Required Documents

All the required documents must be submitted and approved by the Client before the Engagement Order can be closed. The Provider attaches each document to the corresponding Deliverable Order, marks it as Done and submits the Order to the Client as a final claim.  On submission of this non-financial claim, the deliverable order is closed.

Document Review

There may be one or more deliverable orders issued to the Provider that require the completion and submission of documents related to the Matter (e.g. Program document, Advice document). Most of the documents require a formal review process before the Engagement can be closed.


Closing the Engagement Order

All Deliverable Orders associated with the Engagement must be closed before the Engagement Order can be marked as complete. After the Engagement is marked as complete, a final claim must be submitted so the Engagement Order can be closed.  If all invoices have been covered by payment claims during the engagement, a final claim of $0.00 must be submitted. Once all of the Engagement Orders allocated to Providers has been closed, the Client can close the Matter.

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