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How the User profile and assigned Roles within LPG determine what you see and how you use LPG. The System Administrator assigns the Roles and security to the User’s profile. They determine the user’s access rights and the task that they can perform.



Every LPG User has a unique Username and Password which they use to log in to LPG.  LPG keeps a record of all activities and who performed them (such as changes to Matters and Orders) and a “history” of these activities can be displayed.

The LPG System Administrator creates an account and profile for each LPG User. The profile includes information about the User and the roles they can perform.

1. To see what roles you have, on the LPG menu, select Users > My Contact Details.

The My Contact Details screen appears with the Details tab selected. The left side of the screen shows your basic User details. The right side lists the roles you are assigned (N2) within each Resource Group (N1).

In the example shown above:
- The User belongs to One Resource Group (“Default”).
- As part of that Resource Group, the User has four roles (Accounts, Allocation, Operations and Sys Admin). The Word “Provider” indicates that these roles are assigned on the Legal Firm side of LPG. 

- Against each role, a symbol identifies the type of access the user has:
 indicates the User is a member (not supervisor) in this role.  A member can see all work assigned to the Resource group that they belong to but can only acquire unassigned work to become the owner.  Only the owner can action the work.  The owner is able to ‘release’ work back to their Resource group to be acquired by another member of the group.

indicates the User is a supervisor in this role. A supervisor can see all work assigned to the Resource group that they belong and can acquire unassigned work to become the owner. They can also takeover work that has been acquired by another user or assign/reassign work to a user of their choice.

Note:  The ability for supervisors to assign/reassign work needs to be turned on for each Resource group by the System Administrator.  See topic What is a Resource. 

A role is effectively a job description. Each role has particular tasks that it can perform. A User may be assigned more than one role depending on the structure of the organisation and what workflows are required to satisfy the operational business rules. For example, in a very small Legal Firm, all the roles may be fulfilled by only one person. (See the tables at the end of this topic for a list of roles and the tasks they can perform.)

The privileges and roles assigned to the User determine which parts of LPG they can access. The example below shows the menu options available to two different LPG Users. The first User has many more roles assigned to them than the second User.

N1 - The first User has an expanded list of menu options available to them.
N2 - Even though both Users in this example have the Users menu, the first User has many more options when they drop down the menu because of their expanded role.

My Worklist is an area that shows the tasks you need to attend to. The list of tasks is limited by your privileges and roles. In the example shown below the User on the left has more roles and privileges and so their My Worklist displays many more categories of tasks to be performed.

Provider Roles




Accept Orders

Assign Key Personnel


Upload Deliverable documents

Request Budget Variations

Request Extensions of Time

Submit Claims for payment


Submit Invoices

Sys Admin

Manage Company Information

Manage Attributes

Manage Users

Manage Resource Groups

Manage Key Personnel

Manage Compliance Requirements

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