For Clients: Completing Surveys

Surveys contribute to the provider ratings and are an important tool for measuring your satisfaction with providers and their performance. Surveys must be completed before a matter is closed.

Surveys can be completed at any time after an engagement is accepted.

Surveys are required to be completed by the end of an engagement. Your ratings should relate directly to the provider's performance on that specific engagement, not a general overall attitude towards the provider.


To complete a provider survey

  1. Go to a matter
  2. Click the ‘Surveys’ tab, found below the matter details
  3. Under 'Start a New Survey for', you will see the surveys available for your active engagements.
  4. Select the survey you would like to complete
  5. The Survey window will open for you to complete
  6. Answer the questions and click the Finish button when complete
  7. The completed survey will appear in the Survey list with a status of complete



Handy hints

  • Matters cannot be closed if Surveys have not been completed
  • Documents submitted by the Provider should be reviewed prior to completing the survey as these may influence your assessment of the providers’ performance
  • Surveys can be saved without being completed so they can be started early and updated as more information comes to hand
  • Only one completed survey should be maintained for each engagement. If more than one survey has been created, mark those that are not required to be Disregarded.
  • Content of completed surveys can be seen by clicking on the View link in the survey list
  • Only completed surveys contribute to performance ratings
  • Once all documents have been reviewed and the survey has been completed, close the matter.









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