For Providers: Requesting budget variations

See also: Request Budget Variation

Setting a Budget and working within Budget are important for managing costs within the Legal Panel Gateway.  A common Key Performance Indicator for legal providers is the percentage of invoices submitted that are within budget.

It is important that you notify your client promptly if you believe that the budget on a matter you're handling requires an update. To do this you request a budget variation.

When do you submit a budget variation?

  • At the start of an engagement if no budget has been set by the client
  • When you become aware that changes to the budgeted amount for the engagement are required
  • Before submitting an invoice when the approved budget is lower than the amount to be invoiced


To request a Budget Variation

  1. Go to the relevant Engagement Order – you can do this by searching for the Matter or by using your worklists or the My Work search engine.
  2. Click on the Items
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘Request Variation’ button which moves you to the Budget tab
  4. Select the ‘Edit Budget’ link which is located above the Budget heading on the tab
  5. A new window will open, here you can enter in your budget request details
  6. You can update existing Budget Allocations by filling in the new Requested Limits, or you can add new Budget Allocations by selecting a new Allocation from the dropdown list and entering in the Requested Limit. Click the ‘Submit’ button after you’ve added in new Budget Allocations
  7. Click the ‘Save and Close’ button
  8. Enter in Variation Comments, then click the ‘Request Variation’ button


Handy hints

  • Variation Request can only be submitted against an Engagement order, not deliverable orders.
  • Variation Request can only be submitted from a screen requiring action, not a ‘View Order’ screen
  • Your Requested Budget value is displayed in the table at the top of your screen. Confirm you are seeing the right amount before clicking on the ‘Request Variation’ button
  • If there is already a budget on the Engagement, your request will replace that value, not add to it
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