Managing Documents



Any User who can view or action the Matter/Order


On the Documents tab on Matters and Orders, attached documents can be downloaded. New versions of documents can be uploaded, the version history viewed and the status of documents requiring review can be set.


This procedure describes how to manage documents that have been uploaded to a Matter or Order, including:

  • View/download a copy of a document;
  • Filter the list of documents with a keyword search;
  • View the version history of a document;
  • Upload a new version of a document;
  • Modify the document details such as document type (metadata);
  • Modify workgroup access rights to a document including “hiding” documents.
  • Delete the document.
  • Review the document


There are various ways to find and open a Matter such as using My Work, Find Matter and Find Matter By Order. After the Matter has been opened, orders, quotes and invoices can be accessed.

Find and open the Matter.

1. The Matter screen appears.

 NOTE:  The same process is used for documents added to Orders, Invoices and Quotes.

2. Click the Documents

  • N1 Add documents to the Matter or Order. (See topic Attach Documents to a Matter-Order.)
  • N2 Keyword search is used to filter the list of documents. The search retrieves any documents with the entered text in the document name, document description or document type fields.
  • N3 The list of documents associated with the Matter.
  • N4 The Context shows what each document is associated with (Matter, Order, Invoice, Quote).

3. To filter the list of documents, type a keyword or part of a word in the search field then click the Search

  • N1 The list of documents is filtered to display only the documents that contain the search keyword in the name, description or document type.

NOTE: To reset the search so all documents are listed, delete the text from the search field then click the Search button again.

1. Click Download to download a copy of the document to your computer.

2. Click View to open a copy of document.

NOTE: If the document cannot be opened directly in your web browser, the file will download. You can open it with the relevant software (e.g. Ms Word or Excel).

6. To view details about the document and perform management functions, click the arrow icon next to the document. The Document details are displayed.

Click on the Versions tab.

  • N1 The Versions tab shows details of any new versions including when they were uploaded and by whom.
  • N2 The first upload is always version 1. Each subsequent upload increments this number by 1.
  • N3 The users access privileges for this document are listed at the bottom of the Versions tab.
  • View: The User can view and download the document. They only have access to the Version tab on the document.
  • Update: The User can view and download the document, use the Upload new content tab to upload a new version and use the Metadata tab to change the description and document type of the document.
  • Manage: The User can view and download the document, use the Upload new content tab to upload a new version, use the Metadata tab to change the description and d of the document and use the Authorization tab to set access privileges to this document. The user can also delete the document.
  • N4 Use the View or Download links to open any particular uploaded version of the document
  • N5 Use the Delete Document button to delete the document, including all its version.  A history note is written to the Matter or Order to record that the document has been deleted.  Only users with Manage rights have access to the Delete Document button. Once a document has been Accepted, it cannot be deleted from the system. 

7. To upload a new version of the document, do the following:

Click the Upload new content tab.  The Upload new content fields are displayed.

NOTE: The Upload new content tab is only visible if you have Update or Manage privileges on this document.

  • N1 Use the Browse… button to find and select the new version that needs to be uploaded.  Once the new version has been uploaded, the name of the file is displayed below the Browse… button.

NOTE: The file name of the new version does not have to be the same as the originally uploaded document.  The original document name is retained by LPG. 

  • N2 You can optionally add a Comment about the new version.  This will be displayed in the Version history of the document.
  • N3 Click the Add Document button.

Once the new version is uploaded, the version number of the document is increased (N1)

8. To change the document details (Metadata), click the Metadata

NOTE: The Metadata tab is only visible if you have Update or Manage privileges on this document.

  • N1 Input a title or terms in the description field to assist with identifying the document.
  • N2 You can select a new document type from the dropdown.
  • N3 You can optionally add a Comment about the changes made to the metadata. 
  • N4 Click the Update button.

The details of the document are updated.

9. To update the access rights to this document, do the following:

NOTE: The Authorisation tab is only visible if you have Manage privileges on this document.  By default this will be members of the Matter Manager workgroup for Documents uploaded by the Customer and members of the Matter Manager workgroup and the Provider Operations Resource group for documents uploaded by the Provider.  Other users can only perform this task if the current Managers allocated “Manage” permission to the workgroup to which they belong..

a. Click the arrow icon  to expand the Document Details.

b. Click the Authorisation

The permissions for each workgroup (outlined in blue on the graphic below) are displayed.

c. Change the permissions of each workgroup as required.

NOTE: Clicking the Reset button resets the permission of each group to the default values. The default values are shown in the graphic above (i.e. Read access for each workgroup / resource group except the Matter Manager workgroup for documents uploaded by Customer and Matter Manager and Provider Operations groups for documents uploaded by the Provider, who have Manage access).

The workgroups/resources presented on the Authorisation tabs will vary depending on the stage that the Order is at.

d. Click the Update

The permissions are changed and the display returns to the basic document list.

10. To review documents, do the following:

Documents requiring review will have a status in the Review Status column.

  • N1 Displays the date that the review should be completed by.
  • N2 After downloading and reviewing the document, it must be Approved or Rejected.  A reason for the decision can be recorded in the Comment field.

Tips and Troubleshooting

NOTE: If you upload a new document as new content against a previously uploaded document, the original document name is not changed.  If you wish the new document name to be presented on the Matter, upload the new document as a New Document.


Document Review

  • Only documents uploaded by the Provider for a document type that requires review will go through the Document Review process
  • Documents uploaded by the Customer do not require review
  • The Review tab is only visible on documents requiring review
  • Only users with the Document Reviewer role are able to review documents.  See topic Approve Deliverable Documents for more detail.
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