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Set a default View, activate/deactivate Views and delete obsolete Views as required.

Before you begin

  • Use My Work to set search criteria and thus filter the results table. See topic My Work – Overview and Search for details.
  • Customise the results table columns as required (rearrange/hide columns). See topic My Work - Customise Result Table for details.


The following procedure explains how to manage existing My Work Views including:

  • Set a View as the default;
  • Deactivate/activate a View;
  • Edit description and scope of a View;
  • Delete a View.

1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > My Work.

The My Work screen appears.

2. Click Manage View(s).

The List View(s) screen is displayed. The Views are grouped according to their scope:

  • N1 - Global Views (seen by all in the company)
  • N2 - Workgroup Views (seen by all in your Workgroup) 
  • N3 - Individual Views (views created by you and only seen by you)

Select a Default View:

You can set the search you perform most often as the default view. When this is done, each time you login to LPG, the first time you open My Work, the default view is displayed (i.e. that search is executed). 

3. To set a view as the default, click Set as Default.

 N1 - The name of the selected view appears next to the DEFAULT VIEW SELECTED heading.

·      The default View will not be applied until the next time you log in to LPG. The default View is only executed the first time you open My Work after logging in. LPG remembers changes you make to the searches and customisations in My Work, so each time you return to My Work it has the same view as last time. When you logout, the My Work view is reset to the default.

4. To clear the default, click (Clear as Default).

The DEFAULT VIEW SELECTED changes to “None Selected”. The next time you log in to LPG, no default view will be executed.

Deactivate a View:

5. Click Deactivate.

The View is removed from the VIEWS section of My Work so it cannot be easily executed. (It can still be executed from the List View(s) screen by clicking Execute.)

6. To make the View visible again in the VIEWS section of My Work, click Activate.


Edit a View:

7. To edit a View, click View.

The Save View window opens.

8. Edit the View Name, Description and scope as required then click the Save (See topic My Work - Save and Use Views for details.)

NOTE: It is not possible to edit the search criteria and Table customisations of an existing View. The search needs to be recreated and saved as a new View.


Click Delete to remove a View. NOTE: There is no confirmation pop-up when deleting. The View is immediately and permanently removed. Be sure you want to delete it before taking this action.

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