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When there is a large list of items in the Worklist, a My Work filtered list allows a focused view of the tasks. My Work is more powerful (can search more fields) than the Find Order or Search Orders functions.


My Work is an advanced search tool that allows the User to filter the list of tasks that require action. The resultant list can be customised and saved for future use or a snapshot can be taken to be used in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > My Work.

The My Work screen appears.
There are three main panels on the My Work screen:

  • N1  Search Panel where detailed search criteria can be entered.
  • N2 Results Table where the results of the search are displayed as either a Table or a Timeline.
  • N3 The Navigation Panel has a VIEWS section that lists customised My Work “views” that have been created, a TO-DOs section which lists items (Orders, Quotes etc.) that require the User’s attention, a HELP section that opens an on-line Help document related to My work and a SETTINGS section that enables the user to configure some on-screen settings .

The Results Table is very wide. It is necessary to scroll across the page to see all columns. The columns can be rearranged and/or hidden as required. See topic Customising My Work Result Table for details.

After you have customised your view of My Work (e.g. set up specific search criteria, rearranged/hidden columns in the Results Table), you can save it as a View and access it again from the VIEWS section. See topic Save and Use My Work Views.


In the SETTINGS section of the Navigation panel, user can change how details are presented in My Work.  This only affects how My Work is presented to the logged in user.


The timeline tab on the Results panel, presents all items that satisfy the search criteria in a Gantt View.

Perform a Search:

The Search Panel consists of two sections:

  • N4  Search Fields (basic) allows a basic search based on entity (Order, Invoice, Quote etc.). Which entity you select will determine which fields are visible in the Detailed Search criteria.
  • N5  Detailed Search criteria allows detailed search criteria to be defined.

  • N6  Use the arrow next to the Search Fields heading to hide all search fields.
  • N7  Use the arrow next to the Matter heading to hide the advanced search fields.

Hiding these fields allows more area on screen for the search results to be displayed.



2. Select the entity type (Matter, Order, Quote, Invoice or Activity) from the View Entity drop down list. NOTE: At present, My Work cannot be used to view Compliance renewals, Incidents, Service Requests.

The search fields change to match the selected entity type. In the example below , entity type “Order” was selected (N8), so the Order search fields are displayed (N9). When first opening the My Work screen, the default search is for entity type “Matter”.

N10: View Level - If you select Available to My Workgroup, you can see Orders/Matters assigned to other members of the Workgroup. Depending on LPG’s configuration and your roles, you may be able to take over work allocated to others in the Workgroup. See topic Reassign/Release/Takeover an Order for details.)


N11: Action mode – Select “Actionable” to display Orders you can action. (The action you can take on an Order depends on the roles you are assigned in your User Profile.) Select   “Viewable” to see Orders that you cannot action. When the Order is on the other side for action it is viewable only (e.g. you are in the Customer organisation and the Order is with the Supplier for action).

3. Fill in the search criteria as required.

4. Click the Submit

The Search Fields are hidden and the result Table displays the items that match the search criteria. In the example shown below the search shows Orders actionable by the User.

5. To view the Order, click the Order Id.

6. To take the next action possible for that Order, click the Action

The results in the My Work Table are a “snapshot” of the work requiring action by the User at the time the search was executed.  LPG will retain this snapshot so when you return to the My Work screen, the same information is visible. 

N1 - To ensure that the results are up to date (only actionable work items are displayed), click the Refresh Page button.


Tips & Troubleshooting

The snapshot in My Work is only retained during the current login session. Once you log out, My Work will reset so any search criteria and Table customisations will be lost. If the search is complex and/or you want to perform the search often, save the search as a View. See topic My Work - Save and Use Views.



To save the current search results from My Work, use one of the Export buttons to save the results as a CSV file which can be viewed in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. 

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