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To familiarize yourself with the use of LPG and troubleshoot issues.

Before you begin

You need to be set up with an LPG account and roles before you can log in to LPG and access online help.

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Before you Start using LPG

LPG Support Procedures

User Guides

There is a suite of LPG User Guides that explains how to perform key tasks in LPG.  The User Guides generally focus on procedural workflow, detailing the steps required to perform a task. Where possible, graphics (screen shots) have been included to provide visual assistance. Some of the guides also include a ‘Tips & Troubleshooting’ section to provide further guidance.

  1. On the Title Bar, select Help.

The Yarris Help Centre opens displaying a list of available LPG user guides.  

  1. The User Guides are sorted by Operational area to enable you to quickly find the most relevant guide.
  2. Clicking on the Reference Guide name will open the Document in the Help Window.


Frequently Asked Question

The Frequently asked questions list on the “Home” screen (starting page when you log in to LPG) provides answers to those questions that have been most frequently directed to our Support Team.

  1. You can return to the Home screen from any location in LPG by clicking the LPG logo top left of screen.

The Home screen appears.

  1. Click any of the links under the Frequently Asked Questions


N1 - The Frequently Asked Questions window opens with the answer to the selected question displayed.

  1. To jump to the top of the Frequently Asked Questions window, press CTRL + HOME on the keyboard.

The window scrolls to the top where the list of FAQs is displayed.

  1. Click any of the links to jump to the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions


·         NOTE: If you feel that additional Questions should be added to this section, submit a request to our Customer Support Team for consideration.


Context Sensitive Help

  1. Many screens within LPG contain on-screen instructions to perform the task related to that screen. Carefully read and follow any on-screen instructions

  1. On certain screens, particularly in those areas that are accessed less frequently such as Contract Maintenance, an information icon  is presented to the user to offer a reminder and some guidance on what to do next.

  1. Clicking on the icon presents some context-specific help.

LPG Library

  1. On the LPG menu, select Library > User Guides.

The User Guides screen appears with a list of available user guides.

  1. Click the file icon   next to the topic you wish to view.

The selected file is downloaded so you can open and view it.


NOTE: The list of User Guides is different depending on whether you are logged in on the Client side of LPG (green banner) or the Provider side of LPG (blue banner).


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