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The Provider submitted an Invoice to the Client for approval.

 Before you begin

After the Provider's claim for payment has been approved, they will submit a corresponding Invoice. The following procedure describes how take the following actions on an Invoice.

  • Send Invoice to manager for approval;
  • Approve an Invoice;
  • Reject an Invoice;
  • Place an Invoice on hold.

See the Related Topics section for additional actions that can be applied to the Invoice.


Invoice Notifications

LPG can be configured to automatically generate in-app messages as well as emails when invoices are uploaded by a Provider.

N1 - If LPG notification messages are turned on, a pop-up notification will appear below the Inbox on the green LPG banner when a Provider submits an Invoice. The notification identifies the Order that the invoice is associated to (e.g. “B94467”).

N2 – LPG can also be configured to present messages when payment claims are submitted by the Provider.  If automatic claim approval has been enabled, no action is required to deal with this notification.


Find invoices awaiting Approval in My Work

1. Select Worklist > My Work from the menu.

The My Work screen appears.

2. If there is an “Invoices - Awaiting Approval” View, click it.

NOTE: Views are easily created and named. The Views you see in MyWork may be different from those shown in the example above. N3 - See the User Guide Save and Use My Work Views for details.

3. If there isn’t a View (as specified in step 2):
a. Click the Clear button to reset the filters, then enter the search criteria as follows:
b. Select “Invoice” from the View Entity drop down list.
c. Select Available to My Workgroup (since the work may not be specifically assigned to you).
d. Select “SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL” from the Status
e. At may be advisable to include a date range to reduce the volume of results.
f. Click the Submit

The display lists Invoices submitted but not yet approved by the Client.

N4 - Do not click the Invoice number. This only allows you to view a copy of the Invoice.

4. Click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the Invoice you wish to approve.

Clicking on the Invoice Number (N4) takes you to a Maintain Invoice screen.  Invoices cannot be approved from this screen.

If the Invoice total exceeds the amount you are authorised to approve:

  • N5 - The Review Invoice: Requires Manager Approval screen appears with a message indicating your approval limit.
  • N6 - Instead of an Approve button, the Send to approval workgroup button is visible.
  • N7 - The Approval workgroup drop down list is displayed.

If the Invoice total is within your authorised amount to approve:

  • N8 - the Review Invoice screen appears;
  • N9 - the Approve button is available.

5. On the Review Invoice screen, check the details of the Invoice against the budget.

6. After reviewing the Invoice, take ONE of the following actions.
a. To approve the invoice, select the Approve

b. To reject the Invoice, select the Reject button

c. To place the Invoice on hold, select the Hold button

d. To escalate the Invoice to a manager for review, select the Escalate to Manager Note: this option is used to seek input from your manager.  If the value of the invoice exceeds your delegation level, the invoice is automatically escalated to you manager by LPG – you do not need to click on the Escalate to Manager button.

e. As part of the Invoice Review process, click on the View Attachment button to check the invoice document that was uploaded with the invoice submission.

f. Enter the reason for rejecting or holding the Invoice or any approval comments in the Approve / Reject / Hold Comment


  • NOTE: If the Provider submitted an incorrect Invoice, they may contact the Matter Manager and request that the Invoice be rejected so they can modify and resubmit the Invoice.


After taking one of the actions described above, the display returns to the My Work screen.

7. If the Invoice still appears with a status of SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL, click the Refresh Page

The list is updated and the Invoice is removed.


Find invoices awaiting Approval in Worklist

1. From the menu, select Worklist > All

2. Scroll down to the Invoices section

3. Click on Invoices Submitted by Provider for Approval

My Worklist-Invoices Submitted by provider for approval appears

4. Click Takeover, Acquire or Action in the Action column to review the invoice and make a decision on Acceptance or Rejection. Follow steps 4-7 from the Find Invoices awaiting Approval in My work section of this quick reference guide.

Tips & Troubleshooting

The Invoice can also be accessed by finding and opening the Matter. You can then go to the Engagement tab (N4) or the Invoices tab to see the Invoices associated with the Matter.

N5 - Click the Action button to go to the Invoice.

  • NOTE: The Find Invoices function (N1) is a useful search tool however it only allows you to view and print the submitted Invoice. You cannot use this function to recall the Invoice. 


  • If an Invoice has been over-charged, the Provider can raise a Credit Note. Credit Notes are approved or rejected using the same procedure as for ordinary Invoices (described below).





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