R-1-1 Report Portal - Overview and Search Features

Who: All Users
Why: Access and manage standard and personalised reports.
Before you begin
  • NOTE: What you can see and do within the Report portal is dependent on your role, permissions and which Invoiced Entities and Workgroups you belong to.
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  1. On the LPG menu select Reports > Portal.
    The Reports Portal opens in a new tab on your internet browser.
    N1 - Check that your Username is displayed top right corner. If a different Username is displayed here you may not be able to access your reports. Click Log Out then close your web browser. Open the web browser again, log in to LPG and go to the Report portal again.
    N2create a report allows you to build your own reports including defining the data that populates the report and designing the report layout. This option is only available if you have Data Analyst role in your user profile.
    See topic Report - Portal - Create Basic Reports.
  2. Click view your reports.
    The Reports main screen appears. There are 3 sections to the main screen:
    • N3 - Basic search (search for a keyword in the title of the report)
    • N4 - Refine search (select from list of parameters to refine the search results)
    • N5 - Results panel (list of reports matching the search criteria is displayed here)
    N6 - When you open the Report portal, standard reports available to your role are displayed.
    N7 - Grouped Search (Search by Object type for each Company's reports and for Public reports).
    • Company reports have been explicitly defined or made available to the Company whilst Public reports are defined by Yarris and are available to all companies.
To perform a basic search do the following:
  1. Type part of the report title in the search field.
    NOTE: The search text is case sensitive (e.g. “contracts” is different from “Contracts”).
  2. Click the Search button.
    Matching reports are displayed in the results panel.
    N8 - In the example above, the search found all reports with the word “Contracts” in the title.
  3. Click either Name to sort the list of Reports alphabetically or Modified Date to sort the list in chronological order.
  4. To reset the search (show all reports), click the delete icon M28-1-5_Jasper_Reports-ShowAll-icon.png.
    The Search field is cleared and all reports are listed in the results panel.
To refine the search, do the following:
  1. Select from one or more of the drop-down lists in the Refine section.
    The list is filtered to only show reports that match the selected search criteria. Given the selections shown in the example below, the resulting list will display reports that have been changed by me (the User) in the past week.
    NOTE: The “Any Schedule” filter is related to scheduled report runs that automatically output the reports.
    • N9 - The heading above the Reports section shows which filters are currently applied to the list.
    • NOTE: There is no “reset” function for the filters in the Refine section. You need to manually reset them. For example, if “Yesterday” was selected from the time drop-down list, you need to select “Any time” (N10) to reset the filter.
To perform a Grouped Search do the following:

The Grouped Search section is laid out in a folder structure. There is a main folder for Public items which are viewable by all Users in the LPG. There is a main folder for each organisation.

  1. Click on the Expand icons to show the sub-folders.
    N11 - The folder structure expands.
  2. Click any folder.
    The selected folder is highlighted and the results list is filtered to show only items that belong to that folder. The Reports Portal is linked to your LPG login so reports relevant to you are displayed. You can output reports to your personal folder (with your Username on it). Reports saved to your personal folder are only visible to you and system administrators.
    See topic Report Portal - Run View Export Reports for more information.
Tips & Troubleshooting
  • NOTE: If your LPG login session times out (due to inactivity), the Reports Portal will become unresponsive. Close the Reports Portal window (or tab) in your internet browser, log back in to Legal Panel Gateway and repeat the steps above to open the Reports Portal again.
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