Reset an Invoice

Who: Accounts
Why: The Invoice has been submitted by the Provider for approval but the process needs to be undone so the invoice can be resubmitted. This also recalls the Order back to the Provider.
When: After the invoice has been submitted by the Provider and approved by the Customer.
Before you begin
Generally, if the Invoice that was submitted for approval needs to be recalled for the Provider to make changes, the Provider would do it by using the Recall Invoice function (N1).
However, there may be instances where the Customer needs to initiate the recall action to send the Invoice back to the Provider. For example, if a Recipient Created Tax invoice (RCTI) is employed with automated approval, the Invoice will proceed automatically to a stage where the Supplier cannot recall it. In this case, the Customer can use the Reset Invoice function (N2).
The Reset Invoice function removes the Invoice from the Legal Panel Gateway system and recalls the Order to the AWAITING INVOICE status. After the Reset is performed the Order is with the Provider for them to recreate the Invoice and submit it again.
Related topics
In the following procedure the Find Invoice function is used to locate the Invoice. The My Work function can also be used. See the My Work user guides including My Work Overview and Search for details.
  1. On the Legal Panel Gateway menu select Invoices > Find Invoices.
    The List Invoices screen appears.
  2. Enter the search criteria to find the required invoice.
    • NOTE: Because only Invoices that have already been approved can be reset, select “Approved” from the Status drop down list.
  3. Click the Search button.
    The Invoices that match the search criteria are displayed.
    Reminder: Only Invoices of status “Approved” (N1) can be reset.
  4. Click the View button next to the Invoice you wish to reset.
    A view-only copy of the Invoice appears.
    • NOTE: Once you click the Maintain Invoice button, the only way you can exit the process is by selecting a different menu option. There is no Back button to undo the operation.
  5. To proceed with the reset function, click the Maintain Invoice button.
    The Maintain Invoice screen appears.
  6. If necessary, notes or documentation can be attached before resetting using the Attach tab.
    See Attach Documents to an Order or Matter for details. (The process is the same for attachments on Invoices.)
  7. Type the reason for the reset in the Reset Reason field.
  8. Click the Reset Invoice button.
    N2 - The Invoice Reset is recorded in the History tab of the related Order.
    N3 - The Order has been recalled and the invoice is back with the Provider for them to action. The Provider receives an email and, if they have notifications turned on in Legal Panel Gateway, a notification message.
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