B-02-07 Set Personal Messaging Preferences


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If ConSol has been configured for user messaging preferences, you can specify which events trigger a ConSol Inbox message and/or email notification.

Before you begin

  • Unless a person in your company with the ConSol Sys Admin role enables User Messaging Preferences in the general ConSol configuration you will be unable to set your Messaging Preferences.


  1. On the ConSol menu select Users > My Contact Details.

The My Contract Details screen appears with the Details tab selected.

  1. Click the Messaging Preference

The message options are displayed.

N1 - The Company Default section shows the messaging and email notifications settings that are configured for all users in your company.

N2 - The User Preferences section is the area where you set your personal preferences for messaging and email notifications.

N3 – There is a radio button next to each section. Clicking the radio button in the User Preference(s) section turns on your personal preferences and allows you to set your preferences. Clicking the radio button in the Company Default section turns off your personal preferences so the Company Default settings will apply.

·      NOTE: The image below only shows part of the list of settings. The actual list of settings is much longer than shown here. You need to scroll the Messaging Preferences screen to find the radio buttons.



To switch on and set your messaging and email preferences, do the following:

  1. Scroll down to find the radio button in the User Preference(s) section of the Messaging Preferences screen and click the radio button.

The items in the User Preference(s) section are now editable.

N4 - Only items with check boxes are editable. Items with “n/a” are not applicable to your role (as set in the User Configuration) and so no messages or emails related to that item will be received.

N5 – Ticking a checkbox in the Messages column means a notification will appear in your ConSol Inbox. See topic Manage Message Inbox and Archive for more information.

N6 – Ticking a checkbox in the Email column means a notification email will be sent to the email address specified in the Contact Details tab on the My Contact Details screen.

  1. Tick or untick the checkboxes to set your messaging and email notification preferences.

N7 - Some checkboxes may have a dependency rule. In the example screen shown above, the Email checkbox is not enabled until the Messages checkbox is ticked. This dependency effectively means you cannot receive an email notification unless you have opted to also receive a ConSol Inbox notification.

  1. When you have set your preferences, click the Save

N8 - A message is displayed above the User Preferences heading indicating that the User preferences have been saved. Your Messaging preferences will now be applied.



To switch back to the Company Default settings, do the following:

  1. Go to the Messaging Preferences tab on the My Contact Details
  2. Scroll down to find the radio button next to the Company Default section and click the radio button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Messaging Preferences and click the Save
    The User Preferences are now disabled and the default company messaging settings are applied.

·      NOTE: Your messaging preferences as set on the User Preference(s) section are not lost if you switch to Company Default. You can activate your preferences by clicking the radio button next to the User Preference(s) section and clicking the Save button.



·      NOTE: Even if you switch off Email for all the “trigger” events listed in the User Preference(s) section, emails automatically generated by the ConSol system, such as SLA breach warnings, will still be received.



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