C-04-09 Recall an Order/Claim

Who: Contract Administrator
Why: The Order/Claim needs amendment before work can commence/continue.
When: The Recall function is available whenever the Customer has undertaken an action that has moved the Order to the Supplier for action.
Before you begin
The Recall function is available to the Customer at various stages while the Order is with the Supplier for action. The procedure is essentially the same in each case. In the example shown below the Order is being recalled after it was transmitted to the Supplier and prior to the Supplier accepting or rejecting the Order.
Find and view the Order and check the status of the order (see topic Find and View an Order). If the Supplier has accepted the Order (status WORK IN PROGRESS or beyond), you cannot recall the order. If this is the case, you need the Supplier to revert the Order all the way back to status NOT YET ACCEPTED (Accept/Reject Order stage) and then you can recall the Order.
  • NOTE: The Supplier cannot jump back to the Accept Order stage from later stages. They have to step backwards through each stage to get there. (Depending on the ConSol configuration, Work In Progress may be a single stage or it may be split up into as many as seven Events (sub-stages).
  • You don’t need to recall the Order to attach documents and add notes. See user guides Attach Document to an Order or Project View and Add Note to an Order/PV - Send Message via Inbox.
  • Use Recall Order if the Order needs to be modified before work can commence/continue. Stop Order and Cancel Order are used to cease work on an Order.
Related topics
  1. On the ConSol menu select Worklist > Viewable.
    The My Worklist Summary screen appears.
  2. Click Orders Not Yet Accepted (View Only).
    The list of orders not yet accepted appears.
    • NOTE: If the Order has progressed beyond this stage you cannot directly recall it. See the Before You Begin section above for more details.
  3. Click the Action button to open the Order you wish to recall.
    The View Order screen appears.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the View Order screen and click the Recall button.
    The Order is recalled back from the Supplier. In the example used in this procedure, the Order reverts to status NOT YET SENT (Transmit Order screen is displayed). The stage from which the Order or Claim is recalled determines the stage and status to which the Order or Claim reverts.
    If you return to the Worklist, the recalled Order or Claim is moved from the Viewable list (in this example, Orders Not Yet Accepted (View Only)) to an actionable Worklist ( in this example, the Orders Not Yet Sent list).
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