C-11-01 Change Master Quote Close Date

Who: Customer Quoting
Why: If all quotes have been received early, the close date might be moved earlier so that the Customer can finalise acceptance of the winning quote. The closing date might be extended to allow for late submissions or so the Customer can invite additional Suppliers to submit quotes.
When: Any time after creating the Master Quote.
Before you begin
  • Create a Master Quote either from a basic order (see user guide Create a New Master Quote) or from a Project View (see user guide Create a Master Quote from Project View.
Related topics
  1. Find and open the required Master Quote. See user guide Find an Existing Master Quote for details.
    The Master Quote screen appears with the Quotes tab selected showing any Supplier quotes that have already been submitted.
  2. Click the Change Close Date button.
    The Change Quote Close Date screen appears. The existing Close Date and Close Time are displayed.
  3. Edit the Close Date and Close Time as required.
  4. Click the Submit button.
    The display returns to the Master Quote screen.
    N1 - The end date of the Quote is updated.
    N2 - If the close date had already been reached (prior to the date/time change) the Total Cost of each submitted quote would have been visible and the options to View, Accept and Pass Over were available.
    N3 - If the new Close Date and Time are in the future, the status of the Master Quote is reset to be not yet closed – the total cost of the submitted quotes is hidden and the only action available on the Quotes is Cancel.
    An automated notification email is sent to each of the Suppliers that were invited to quote to advise them the Closing Date for submissions has been changed.
Tips & Troubleshooting
  • N1 - An entry is included in the History tab of the Master Quote showing what the Close Date/Time was previously and what it has been changed to.
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