C-09-02 Create an Incident

Who: Commercial Contract Manager, Contract Administrator
Why: Recording the Incident may be necessary in order to comply with OHS requirements.
When: An Incident has occurred in relation to an Order that is sufficiently severe as to require recording and possible action.
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  1. Find and open the Order that needs an incident raised.
    See user guide Find/Modify/Export Order Details for details.
    The View Order screen appears.
  2. Click the Supp Perf tab.
    The Supp Perf tab includes:
    N1 - The Supplier key person contact information.
    N2 - A list of any current incidents related to this Order.
  3. Click the Add Incident button.
    The Create an Incident window opens.
  4. Use the Incident Type, Incident Category and Incident Severity drop down lists to categorise the incident.
  5. Enter the Incident Date and Incident Description.
  6. If action is required in relation to this incident do the following.
    1. Tick the Action Required box.
    2. Enter the date by which the action must be taken.
    3. Select from the Action Required By drop down list who is responsible to take the action.
    4. Enter the Description of Action required.
      The rest of the fields in the lower part of the Create Incident form are used to close the incident.
  7. Click the Submit button.
    The Create an Incident window closes and the display returns to the View Order screen.
    N3 - If the Incident report specified an action, the party responsible for action receives a new item in their Incidents Worklist. In the example shown, the action was required by the Supplier.
    Once the action is completed, the Incident can be closed by a Commercial Contract Manager or Contract Administrator. See user guide Close an Incident for details.
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