C-05-04 Recall a Verified Claim

Who: Verification
Why: The Supplier’s Claim was incorrectly verified and needs to be recalled.
When: Before Supplier submits an Invoice.
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Before you begin

In the normal Claim-Invoice process (when ConSol is not configured to automate actions), the system Users have the option at each stage to recall to the previous stage. For example, when the Claim is approved, the Customer has the option to recall to the Approve Claim stage (the procedure described below).

If the Supplier has moved the process on to the next step (submitted an Invoice), then the Supplier would have to recall the Invoice before the Customer could recall the approved Claim.

Recalling becomes problematic when ConSol has been configured for automated actions. For example if the process of claim approval, invoice generation and invoice submission are automated, the process will progress very quickly without checkpoints where the user can intervene.

This problem is even more acute if RTCIs are used because the invoice is automatically generated. In some cases if the level of automation is high, there is no opportunity to recall at any stage.

  1. On the ConSol menu, select Worklist > Viewable.
    The My Worklist Summary appears.
  2. To find the Claim that needs to be recalled, do either of the following:
    1. If all the items on the Claim was accepted at the Verify Claim stage, a request for Invoice was automatically sent to the Supplier. To recall the Claim, scroll down to the Invoices section and click Requests For Invoice (View Only).
    2. If any of the items on the Claim was disputed at the Verify Claim stage, the Claim is returned to the Supplier. To recall the Claim, scroll down to the Orders section and click Work Complete – Docket Disputed by Customer (View Only).
      NOTE: If the Count for the selected list is 0, you cannot click on the link.
    The list of Claims is displayed. (In the example show below, the Claim was accepted, so the Requests for Invoice list was opened.)
  3. Click the Action button next to the Order you wish to process.
    The View Invoice screen (or in the case of a disputed Claim, the View Order screen) appears with the Items tab selected.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Recall button.
    The Order returns to the Verify Claim stage.
  5. Process the claim as described in the user guide Verify a Claim (to accept all items) or user guide Dispute a Claim (if one or more items on the Claim are being rejected).
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