C-11-02 Manage Supplier Quotes

Who: Customer Quoting
Why: Monitor quote progress and action quotes before and after the quote end date.
When: After sending out request to quote to Suppliers.
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Before you begin
  • Create and itemise a Master Quote. Select the Suppliers who need to provide a Quote. See Related Topics.
The following procedure describes how to manage the following aspects of Supplier quoting:
  • View submitted quotes;
  • Print a Quote Summary;
  • Pass over unsuccessful quotes and select the winning quote.
  1. Find and open the Master Quote. See user guide Find an Existing Master Quote for details.
    The Master Quote screen appears.
    N1 - The Status column shows what action has been taken by each supplier on the request to Quote. “Allocated” means the request has been sent but no action has been taken by the Supplier.
    • If more than one supplier has been invited to quote, the quotes cannot be viewed and the Total Cost of each submitted quote is not visible (N2) until the end date and time (N3) for quoting is reached. This prevents information about other Suppliers’ quotes being made available to those who are yet to quote.
    • If only one Supplier has been invited to quote, the response will be available for immediate review prior to the quote close date.
    • N4 - If a Supplier declines to quote, “DECLINED” is displayed in the Status column and the Action column for that Supplier becomes blank (no further action can be taken by the Customer).
    • N5 - Up until the Quote end date, the Customer can withdraw the request for an individual Supplier to quote by clicking Cancel. The Supplier will receive an email notification that the request to quote has been cancelled.
    • Once the Quote Close Date/Time is reached, the following takes place:
      N6 – The View link is visible allowing Supplier quotes and attachments to be viewed and the quote can be exported to CSV.
      N7 - A summary report of all submitted quotes can be printed.
      N8 - The total cost of each quote is displayed and can be compared to the Estimated Cost that appears in the header of the Master Quote.
      N9 - The “Cancel” Action is no longer available. Instead the “Accept” and “Pass Over” options are displayed.
    • NOTE: Additional quotes cannot be accepted after the end date is reached. To receive late quotes from Suppliers who have been invited to quote (or to invite additional Suppliers to quote), it is necessary for the Customer to change the Close Date/Time. See user guide Change Master Quote Close Date for details.

Once the Close Date for quote submission is reached the following steps should be taken to select the Supplier to fulfil the work:

  1. View each Quote and any attached files.
    See topic View/Export Supplier Quote for the detailed procedure.
  2. If required, print a summary of all submitted quotes as follows:
    1. Click Print Quote Summary.
      The Quote Summary window opens.
    2. Click the Print button.
      The Quote Summary is sent to the printer.
    3. Click the Close button.
      The Quote Summary window closes and the display returns to the Master Quote screen.
      • N10 - If desired, you can mark individual Supplier quotes as unsuccessful by clicking Pass Over. It is not necessary to do this though because once you accept one quote as the winner all other quotes will automatically be marked as Passed Over. Suppliers who are passed over receive an email notification that their quote was unsuccessful.
  1. After examining all quotes, click Accept on the quote that will be awarded the work.
    • WARNING: Once a quote has been accepted it cannot be undone and a different quote selected.
    N11 - The accepted quote is automatically converted into an Order and allocated an Order no (with the “B” prefix) and moves straight to the Itemise Order screen.
    N12 - The items from the Supplier’s quote including the Unit Rate and Order Qty are automatically added to the list of items in the Order.
  2. If required modify and/or add items (see user guide Itemise an Order) then click the Continue button.
    The Transmit Order screen appears.
  3. Click the Transmit button.
    The Transmit Order confirmation screen appears.
  4. Click the Back to Worklist button.
    The display returns to the Master Quotes Not Yet Accepted worklist. The Master Quote has been removed from the list.
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