C-10-02 Select Suppliers for Quote

Who: Customer Quoting
Why: After creating the Master Quote, the Customer can add Suppliers who need to quote on the work.
When: After creating and itemising the Master Quote. See user guide Create Master Quote.
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Before you begin
  • Create a new order up to the Categorise stage then convert it to a Master Quote and itemise it. See user guide Create a Master Quote for details.
  1. On the ConSol menu select Worklist > All.
    The My Worklist Summary appears.
  2. Scroll down to the Quotes section and click Master Quotes Not Yet Sent.
    NOTE: If there are no unsent master quotes (Count = 0) you will not be able to click the link.
    The list of Master Quotes Not Yet Sent appears.
  3. Click the Action link next to the Master Quote for which you wish to select Suppliers.
    The Master Quote screen appears.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Master Quote and click the Select Suppliers button.
    The Select Supplier for Master Quote screen appears with the Suppliers tab selected.
    • The Details and Items can be viewed from this screen but not edited. Editing must be done from the Master Quote screen.
  5. Tick the box next to each Supplier that needs to submit a quote or click Select/Unselect All to select all Suppliers on the list.
    • If the Schedule on the Master Quote has multiple associated Categories, you can select an alternative category for the selected Supplier.
  6. Click the Continue button.
    The display returns to the Master Quote.
    N1 - The message indicates that the Quotes have not yet been sent to the any Suppliers.
    N2 - The Suppliers selected in the previous step are listed with a status of NOT TRANSMITTED.
    See user guide Send Quotes to Suppliers for information on sending the Quote requests to Suppliers.
    See user guide Manage Supplier Quotes for information on processing quotes received from Suppliers.
    • To return to action the Master Quote at a later time, it will be found in the Quotes section of the Worklist. Which list it is in depends on the status of the Quote. If it has not been sent to Suppliers, it is accessible by clicking Master Quotes Not Yet Sent.
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