C-03-05 Reply to Inbox Message / View Message History

Who: Contract Administrator, Scheduler, Verification
Why: You can reply to a Message sent by another ConSol user and view the History of the conversation.
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This user guide explains:
  • How to reply to a message sent by another ConSol user;
  • How to view the history of a conversation.
See the Related Topics section for other user guides related to messaging.
  1. Click the Inbox link on the ConSol banner:
    The My Inbox screen appears with a list of unread messages displayed. See user guide Manage Message Inbox & Archive for general information on using the Inboxes and archive.
    N1 - In the example shown below, a Supplier has replied to a message sent to them. See user guide Add a Note to an Order/ Send Message via Inbox for procedure to send a message.
    N2 - You cannot reply to ConSol system generated messages (“SYSTEM” is displayed in the Sender Company column). These messages are only notifications.
Reply to a message
  1. Click View next to the message to which you want to reply.
    The Order or Project View to which the message is attached opens
    N3 - The screen title is View Message. The message Description is displayed.
    N4 - The History tab is selected with a list of all actions for this Order /Project View displayed.
    N5 - The message you selected to view is highlighted in purple.
    In the example shown below the history of the message can be seen including:
    • Creation of the original message (N6);
    • Date/time the Supplier read the original message;
    • Date/time the Supplier replied to the original message;
    • Date/time the Supplier marked the original message as unread.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the View Message screen and click the Reply button.
    • N7 - The Archive Message button moves the message from the Inbox to the Archive. If you archive a message that is sent to the Workgroup, it is archived for all users in the Workgroup. It will no longer appear in their Inboxes.
    The Reply window opens.
  3. Enter the text of the reply.
  4. Click the Send Reply button.
    The Reply window closes and the display returns to the View Message screen.
    N8 - The reply is sent and the recipient receives a notification.
  5. Click the Back to Messages button.
    The display returns to the Inbox from which you viewed the message (either My Inbox or Workgroup Inbox). The message that you viewed is now marked as “Read”.
    • N9 - If you have the list filtered to display only Unread messages the message you just viewed (and replied to) will no longer appear on the list. It can be seen by searching for “Read Messages” or “All”.
    • NOTE: The Workgroup Inbox is visible to all Users within your Workgroup. If you view (or reply to) a message from the Workgroup Inbox (N10), it will automatically be marked as “Read” for all Users in the Workgroup and so will no longer appear if they search for unread messages. See user guide Manage Message Inbox & Archive for information on how to explicitly mark messages as “Read” or “Unread” and to archive messages.
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