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ConSol Customer Basic Workflow Create Stand Alone Order Dispatch Order Categorise an Order Pre-Itemise an Order Allocate Order to a Supplier Itemise Order after Supplier Allocation Transmit Order to Supplier Not yet uploaded Copy an Order Find Order-Modify Details Not yet uploaded Manage Order when Acceptance is Overdue Process Request for Order Variation Process Request for Extension of Time on Order Record an Incident about an Order Close Incident Revert Order to Work In Progress Recall Order Manually Escalate Order to Manager Recall a Manually Escalated Order Not yet uploaded Action Escalation Response Action High Value Order Rejected by Manager Process Final Payment Claim Process Progress Payment Claim - not yet uploaded Process Design Claim - Not yet uploaded Dispute Payment Claim Recall Verified Claim Create Credit Note Verify Credit Note - Not yet uploaded Close Credit Note - Not yet uploaded Modify Rights to View Document Add Note to Order/Project View Attach Document/File to Order Not yet uploaded Select a Different Supplier - not yet uploaded Stop an Order View WIP and Events - Not yet uploaded Attach Doc/File to Order or PV Link Existing Order to PV - Not yet uploaded Add an Order to a Project View - Not yet uploaded Create an Order Template within PV - not yet uploaded Magr: Action High Value Order - not yet uploaded Manage Message Inbox and Archive Reply to Inbox Msg / View Msg History Approve/Reject/Hold Invoice Find/Print Invoice (View Only) Create a Project View Work with Orders in Project View - Not yet uploaded Use Budget Rates witrhin Project View - not yet uploaded Transmit All Orders within Project View - not yet uploaded Edit Project View Details - not yet uploaded Find a Project View - Not yet uploaded Manager: Action high Value Invoice Reset Invoice - not yet uploaded Close Invoice - not yet uploaded Create a Master Quote Create a Master Quote from Project View Select Suppliers for Quote Send Request for Quote to Suppliers Find an Existing Master Quote - not yet uploaded Change Quote Close Date/Time Cancel Request for Quote Manage Supplier Quotes Reitemise Master Quote - not yet uploaded View/Esport Supplier Quotes

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