C-02-04 Action High Value Order Rejected by Manager

Who: Contract Administrator / Verifier / Accounts
Why: The Order cannot be progressed until the Manager gives approval. The rejected Order needs to be retrieved and action taken to get it approved.
When: The approval manager has rejected a high value order.
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If the user has a limit imposed on the value of Orders he can send to Suppliers, ConSol will force high value Orders to be sent to an approval manager. The following procedure describes the action required by the user if the manager rejects the Order. 

  • The same procedure applies when actioning a high value Docket (Claim) or high value Invoice that has been rejected by the Manager.
  1. On the ConSol menu select Worklist > All.
    The My Worklist Summary appears.
  2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Orders Not Approved By Manager.
    NOTE: If there are no rejected Orders (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.
    The list of Orders Not Approved By Manager appears.
  3. Click the Action button next to the Order you wish to action.
    The Orders Not Accepted By Manager screen appears with the Items tab selected.
  4. To see the manager’s reason for rejecting the Order, click the History tab.
    The History list is displayed.
    N1 - The entry "Manager Rejection" (highlighted in red text) gives the manager’s reason for rejecting the Order. In the example shown below the reason is "Justify the large quantity".
    The user has four options at this point:
    N2Send for Approval: Sends the request for approval again. This might be used if it is only necessary to give more explanation for the high value of the Order (as in the example shown above) or perhaps to select a different manager for the approval process.
    N3 - Re-allocate the Order: Returns to the Allocate Order stage so a different Supplier can be selected. See user guide Allocate an Order.
    • WARNING: Returning to the Allocate Order stage will cause the items list on the Order to be removed. See user guide Export Order/Items and Import back to Order for steps to retain the list of items and quantities.
    N4Re-Itemise the Order: Returns to the Itemise Order stage so the items and/or quantities can be adjusted. See user guide Itemise an Order.
    N5Cancel Order: See user guide Cancel an Order.
To resend the request for approval do the following:
  1. Click the Send for Approval button.
    The Order Requires Approval screen appears.
  2. Select the workgroup, manager and delivery options.
    See user guide Send Order for Approval for details.
  3. Since this action is only resending the request for approval of an Order that is already rejected, it may be necessary to give more detail in the Request for Approval Comment to justify the high value of the Order
  4. Click the Send for Approval button.
    The Order returns to the Approve Order stage for the manager to review again.
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