B-0-01 What is ConSol?

Who: All Users
Why: The following explains the basic purpose of ConSol and who uses it
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ConSol stands for Contractor Solutions. It is a web-based service solution that manages the relationship and expenditure associated with contractors and service providers. Using ConSol reduces expenditure by:

  • improved processes (productivity gains);
  • reduced provider rates (typically 10 - 30%);
  • increased provider contract compliance.

ConSol can manage the procurement of goods as well as services. Services are typically very hard for systems to manage and this is an area in which ConSol excels.

ConSol customers typically come from the following industry types:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Councils
  • Construction

There are two primary entities that use ConSol:

  • Customer - the company using the system to create work orders and interact with suppliers who provide the goods and services to complete the orders.
    N1 - The Customer side of ConSol is identified by a green banner.
  • Supplier - the company/person/contractor that completes the work order.
    N2 - The Supplier side of ConSol is identified by a blue banner.

Typically, a customer will have contracts with many suppliers who complete different types of work for them depending on the Order requirements.
Some organisations may allocate work to their own internal workforce. In this case, the organisation will have both sides of ConSol implemented.

  • N3 - The internal workforce receives the Order on the Supplier side of ConSol (Supplier Portal).
  • N4 - Some users may have their privileges and roles set up so they are able to switch between the Customer side (Customer Portal) and the Supplier side.

A Supplier who on-forwards work to a sub-contractor will also have both sides of ConSol implemented.

  • N5 - The Supplier side is used to accept the Order from their Customer.
  • N6 - Then the Customer side is used to delegate or on-forward the Order to their sub-contractor.
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