B-03-03 Save and Use My Work Views

Who: All Users
Why: It is quicker to click a View and run it than recreating the search criteria and Table customisations. If it is a View that several Users can use, the View can be shared so each User doesn’t have to recreate the search criteria and Table customisations.
When: When search criteria and/or Table customisations are complex or need to be viewed often or by several ConSol Users.
Before you begin
  • Use the My Work search to filter the Table as required. See topic My Work Overview & Search for details
  • Customise the results table columns as required (rearrange/hide columns). See topic Customise My Work Result Table for details
Related topics

The following procedure explains how to save a View in My Work and run it again. See topic My Work Overview & Search for details on how to setup the desired View. See topic Manage My Work Views for details on managing existing Views (editing, deleting etc.)

  • ConSol keeps the My Work search criteria and column customisations during the current session so you can return to the My Work screen and view the same information again. Once you log out, My Work is reset and any search criteria and customisations will be lost. Views that are saved as explained in the following procedure are available in future login sessions.
  1. Open My Work, fill in the search criteria then click the Submit button.
    The Table displays items matching the search criteria. (See topic My Work Overview & Search.)
  2. Customise the Table columns as required (rearrange, hide columns).
    See topic Customise My Work ResultTable.
  3. If necessary, further refine the search criteria and further customise the Table columns until the desired view is achieved.
  4. If the Search Fields are hidden, click the arrow next to the Search Fields heading.
    The Search fields are displayed.
  5. Click the Save View button (at the bottom of the Search Fields section).
    The Save View window opens.
  6. Give the view a Name and Description.
    • NOTE: Giving a meaningful Name/Description is helpful to other users who can see the View. If you use naming conventions, the alphabetical ordering of Views will cause them to be logically grouped together. For example, prefix the View name with “Ord” (for Order views) and “PV” (for Project views) so the views are logically grouped.
  7. Click the Save View button (at the bottom of the Search Fields section).
    • Individual – only you will be able to use the saved View.
    • Workgroup – created by Workgroup supervisors and accessible by members of the Workgroup.
      NOTE: The Workgroup must be selected when setting up the search criteria for this View.
    • Global – created by Sys Admin and accessible by all ConSol users within your organisation.
      NOTE: Views created on the Customer side cannot be seen on the Supplier side and vice versa.
  8. Click the Create button.
    The Save View window closes.
    N1 - The view is added to the Views section of the Navigation Panel on the My Work screen. It is added at the level you specified (e.g. in this example “Global” was selected as the scope of the View so it appears in the Global folder.
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