B-02-06 View a Broadcast Message (Customer Side)

Who: All Users on the Supplier side of ConSol
Why: The Commercial Contract Manager for the Customer organisation may send broadcast messages (with or without an attached file) to highlight important and useful information to Supplier personnel.  
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Before you begin

If your company also has the Supplier side of ConSol configured, be aware that Broadcasting to Customer and Supplier sides of ConSol are separate operations. A Broadcast seen on one side may not be visible on the other side. Users that have roles allowing them to access both Supplier and Customer sides can switch between Customer and Supplier view and see both broadcasts.

Broadcasts are general messages to a wide group of users.

  • N1 - They are different from Messages and Notifications which may be addressed to specific users and are accessed from the Inbox. (See the Related Topics list above.)
  • N2 - When a broadcast arrives it is displayed on the ConSol Home screen in the Notices section.


  1. To go to the Home screen from any location within ConSol, click the 0-4-4-1 Consol-Login-HomeScreen-logoTiny.png logo.
    The Home screen appears.
  2. To preview the Broadcast, either click the title (in the example above it is the Notice title) or the 0-4-6-3-0_view_broadcast-arrow-icon.png icon (Expand icon).
    The Broadcast expands to show the content.
  3. To hide the Broadcast message content, click the 0-4-6-3-0_view_broadcast-collapse-icon.pngicon (Collapse icon).
    The content panel closes so only the title is visible.
  4. If there is a View link, click it to see if there is an attached file or to indicate to the sender that the Broadcast has been read.
    The Broadcast is displayed. The name and company of the broadcast sender is displayed at the bottom of the broadcast message. If there is an attached file, the View link is displayed.
  5. To view the attached file do the following:
    1. If visible, click the View link.
      The File Open window appears.
    2. Select either Open with (to view the file now) or Save File (to save the file for future viewing).
      • NOTE: It is advisable to save the file if it is important because once the broadcast expires you will no longer be able to access the file.
    3. Click the OK button.
    4. Select the location where you want to save the file so you can access it again later.

Do either of the following actions after viewing the broadcast and attachment:

  1. To return to the Home screen, click the Back button.
  2. To let the sender know that you have read the Broadcast and remove it from your personal Notice board, click the Mark As Read button.>
    • The Commercial Contract Manager can see a list of which Users have marked the notice as read.
Tips & Troubleshooting
  • NOTE: The Broadcast sender sets an expiry date on the Broadcast. The Broadcast will be removed from the Notice board of all users after that date.
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