B-01-05 What is a Workgroup?

Who: All Users
Why: Define and briefly explain the purpose of Workgroups within ConSol.
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A Workgroup is a group of users within the organisation who are able to access and action Contracts, Orders and Invoices within a certain business unit. When a Schedule is created in ConSol it is linked to a Contract Administrator Workgroup to enable categorisation of new Orders. A Workgroup may be associated with one or more Schedules. For example, one Workgroup might be linked to a General Electrical Schedule and a General Plumbing Schedule, while another Workgroup might be linked to a Building Construction Schedule.

The differing operating procedures and business rules of each organisation will determine the way workgroups are defined. For example an organisation may define Workgroups for geographical zones, regions or states. Another might define Workgroups by Cost Centre, Business unit or functionality (e.g. an Accounts workgroup).

Since Orders are also linked to Schedules (via Service Categories), the Workgroup can only process Orders for Schedules with which they are linked.

Linking Workgroups to each other by Roles is a key feature of how ConSol works. The Workgroups, Roles, Schedules and Service Categories are defined in such a way as to enable the workflow of your organisation’s business.

The following examples show how different workflows can be modelled using Workgroups and Roles

  • Example A - The Job Originators are linked only to Contract Administrators in the same Workgroup. In this instance, the Job Originator can only create Orders for their own Workgroup.
  • Example B - The Job Originators are linked to Contract Administrators in two or more Workgroups. In this instance, the Job Originators can generate Orders for both Workgroups.
  • Example C - Workgroups from each region are linked to a Manager Workgroup where the Users have the Role “Approval Manager”. (Creating a Workgroup for a region is only an example. It should not be confused with the use of Zones within ConSol. See topic What is a Zone?).
  • NOTE: On the Supplier side of ConSol, the equivalent of a Workgroup is known as a Resource.
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