B-01-03 What is a Schedule Item?

Who: All Users
Why: The following describes the basic meaning and purpose of a Schedule Item within ConSol.
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Schedule Items are individual components that are added to an Order to define the work required. The same Schedule Item may be linked to many different Service Categories within ConSol.

The same Item may be configured differently on each Supplier’s Schedule. For example, different rates (dollar value), rate types (capped, fixed or variable) or Units of Measure may apply.

When linking Schedule items to a Service Category, one Item must be selected as the default ranking item. This item is used to compare Suppliers based on their cost for that item. The default ranking item is usually the highest cost item on an Order.

Examples of Items that might be required on an Order for Cable Jointing:
Tracked Dozer usage (per hour), Jointer Labour (per hour) and Specific Cable (per metre.


When the Customer Technical Contract Manager creates a Schedule Item it is reviewed by the ConSol Support team to ensure the integrity of the Schedule Item list before it is approved.

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