B-01-01 What is a Schedule?

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Why: The following describes the basic meaning and purpose of a Schedule of work within ConSol.
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Schedules refer to the different types of work or activity that the Customer handles. A Schedule is the highest level in the ConSol classification structure. Schedules are created by the Customer Technical Contract Manager (TCM).

The term 'Schedule' is used as many Contracts refer to a 'Schedule of Rates' or 'Schedule of Work'.

For example a Customer that specialises in house construction might split their work into three different Schedules: Building Construction, General Plumbing and General Electrical.


A separate Contract is made with the Supplier for each type of work (Schedule) that they can supply. Thus if a Supplier can supply services for three types of work, three different Contracts would need to be created, one for each type of work (Schedule).

The Schedule must be associated with a Workgroup before Orders can be created for work within a Schedule.

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