B-02-02 ConSol Log In and Home Screen

Who: All Users
Why: The following describes how to log in to ConSol and the main features of the ConSol “Home” screen.
Before you begin
  • Your ConSol System Administrator has to create a User account for you and set up specific roles for you within ConSol before you can log in.
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  1. Go to www.contractorsolutions.com.au in your web browser.
    The ConSol Welcome screen appears.
  2. Enter the Username and Password provided to you by your ConSol System Administrator.
    • NOTE: The Username and Password are case-sensitive. (E.g. “JSmith” is not the same as “jsmith”)
  3. Click the Login button.
    If you have trouble logging in, see topic Forgot My Password for steps to have your password reset.
    The first time you log in to ConSol the Verify Contact Details screen appears.
  4. If necessary, update your phone numbers and email address.
    • NOTE: It is important to maintain correct contact information in ConSol.
  5. Check that the correct Roles and Workgroups have been assigned to you.
    N1 – Roles determine what actions you can perform in ConSol. (See topic Overview of Users & Roles for details.)
    N2 – Within each Role you may be part of one or more Workgroups. (See topic What is a Workgroup? for details.)
    Contact your ConSol system administrator if you are not sure if you have the correct Roles and/or Workgroups.
  6. To save the changes, click the Submit button.
    The ConSol Home screen appears. There are two “sides” to ConSol.
    N3 - If you are logged into the Customer side, your ConSol screen has a green banner.
    N4 - If you are logged into the Supplier side, your ConSol screen has a blue banner.
    • NOTE: If your organisation is set up as both a Customer and Supplier and depending on your User profile, you may be able to switch directly back and forward between the Customer Portal (N5) and Supplier Portal (N6) of ConSol.
Features of the Home Screen
  • N1 - You can return to the Home screen from anywhere within ConSol by clicking the 0-4-4-1_Consol-Login-HomeScreen-logoTiny.png logo at the top left of screen.
    • WARNING: If you are in the middle of a task (e.g. Create Order), you may lose data when you click the 0-4-4-1_Consol-Login-HomeScreen-logoTiny.png logo to return to the Home screen. It is best practice to either click the Save button (if available) or complete the task prior to returning to the Home screen.
  • N2 - Click Inbox to view and manage messages that have been sent to you within ConSol. (See topic Go to Message Inbox and related Message topics for more information.)
  • N3 - Your log in name is displayed on the banner.
  • N4 - Click Logout to log out and end your ConSol session.
  • N5 - The menu bar is the main way to navigate to the various tasks and features of ConSol.
    • NOTE: Menu options vary for each user depending on their assigned roles and privileges.
  • N6 - Click Contact Details to go to the My Contact Details screen. From this screen you can view various features of your user Profile and update your personal details.
  • N7 - There may be Notices, News and Alerts sections visible on your Home screen. These sections are only visbile if there are messages to be read. Messages in the Notices section are created by the Commercial Contract Manager of your organisation. Messages in the News and Alerts sections are created by the ConSol support team. Click the 0-4-6-1_Consol-Login-home_screen-ARrow_img.png arrow next to any of the messages under these headings to read details of the message.
Tips & Troubleshooting
  • If you can log in and want to change your password, see topic Change My Password.
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