B-01-06 Suppliers and Contracts

Who: All Users
Why: The following is an Overview of how Contracts with Suppliers are managed within ConSol.
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Within ConSol, a Contract is designed to be a reflection of a Contract already in existence and agreed to by the Customer and the Supplier. This allows Customers to improve spend compliance, maximise savings and ensure Supplier compliance for current and new Contracts.

A separate Contract is created in ConSol for each Schedule of works a Supplier provides the Customer. In the example shown below, the Supplier provides three types of work (Schedules) to the Customer. A Contract is created for each Schedule.


Clauses can be included in the Contract that are automatically copied to all Orders generated under that Contract. In essence, the contract in ConSol defines the rules of engagement - it houses the contractually agreed SOR, the clauses under which business is undertaken, the compliance requirements, the operational configuration for order management and the SLA & KPI settings.

The Supplier's rates for each item on the Contract are maintained in ConSol by the Customer Commercial Contract Manager (CCM). The Compliance role is responsible for managing KPI's and managing supporting documentation and certifications for the Contract.

Contracts are viewable to Users with the following Roles: Technical Contract Manager, Contract Administrator, Verification and View-Only. Only a Commercial Contract Manager is able to edit Contracts. ConSol also stores and tracks documents relating to the contract, such as meeting minutes, policies and procedures, insurances, certifications or even a copy of the contract itself.

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