M-12-01 Create/Edit Contract Template

Who: Technical Contract Manager
Why: Contract Templates can be used to standardise the creation of Supplier Contracts for Suppliers doing the same kind of work. This facilitates comparison of Suppliers when allocating Orders.
Before you begin
  • Only Users with the Technical Contract Manager role can view and edit Contract Templates.
Related topics

This is a basic procedure on how to create and edit a Contract Template. For information on editing the individual components of the Contract Template see the relevant topic in the Related Topics section above.

To Create a New Contract Template do the following:
  1. On the ConSol menu select Contracts > Contract Templates.
    The List Contract Templates screen appears with all existing templates listed.
  2. Click the New Template button.
    The Create New Contract Template screen appears.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Contract Template as required.
    • Proposed Expiry Date: Leave this blank if Contracts based on this Template are to be ongoing. Enter a date if there is a set date on which Contracts need to be renegotiated (for new orders starting after that date).
  4. Click the Submit button.
    • To clear the fields and start again creating this Contract Template, click the Clear button.
    • To return to the List Contract Templates screen without creating this Contract Template, click the Back to List button.
    The Update Contract Template screen appears with the Details tab selected. From this screen each tab can be accessed to input/edit the Contract Template detailed information.
  5. For each tab that needs to be filled in on the Template do the following:
    1. Click the relevant tab.
      The details of the tab are displayed. (In the example below, the SLA information is being edited.)
    2. Fill in the details of the tab as required.
      For information on editing the individual tabs on the Contract Template see the relevant help topic in the Related Topics section at the start of this document.
    3. Either click the Save button (on the SLA tab it is the Save SLA Target button) to save the changes and continue working on the current tab or, if you have finished working on the current tab, click the Save & Complete button.
    4. Click the Details tab.
      The display returns to the Details tab.
    5. Click the Refresh button.
      The Contract Template Component checklist is updated.
      N1 – Any components that are complete (Save & Complete button was clicked on the corresponding tab) have a green tick next to them.
    • WARNING: Once the Complete Contract Template button is clicked you will no longer be able to edit the Contract. If you wish to continue editing the Contract Template, make sure you have clicked the Save buttons within each tab (N2) of the Update Contract Template screen, then click the Back to List button (N3).
  6. When construction of the Template is finished, click the Complete Contract Template button.
    N4 - The Complete Contract Template button is hidden and a confirmation message appears.
  7. Click the Back to List link.
    The display returns to the List Contract Templates screen.
    The new Template is added to the list (N5) and a green tick indicates that it is active (N6). An active Template can be used to create Contracts.
    N7 - You can click the Edit link to return to the Update Contract Template screen and modify any component of the Template.

    Once the Template is used to create a Contract, the In Use status changes to β€œYes” (N7) and the Edit link is replaced with a View link (N8). At this point the Template is no longer editable.
Tips & Troubleshooting
N1 - Although a Template cannot be edited once it is activated, a copy can be made. However, it is advisable to take the time to thoughtfully construct a Template rather than making several copies because the Template was not quite right. Having many similar Templates can cause confusion.
Templates can only be used to create Contracts. They cannot be applied to existing Contracts to make bulk changes to the Contracts. Thus, if the Template on which Contracts were based lacked some detail, that detail will have to be applied to each Contract individually.
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