C-12-06 Add Attachments to a Project View

Who: Project Manager
Why: To make documentation available that applies to the whole Project and control who has access to view the attachments.
Before you begin
  • This procedure describes how to attach notes or files to the Project View. To attach text notes or files to an Order that is part of a Project View see topic Attach Documents to an Order.
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  1. Find and open the required Project View.
    See topic Find Project View.
    The Project View screen appears with the list of Orders associated with the Project displayed.
  2. Click the Attach tab.
    The Attachment options are displayed.
  3. To add a text note do the following:
    1. Click Add Note.
    2. Type the note in the Note Details field.
    3. Click the Create button.
  4. To attach a file to the Project View do the following:
    1. In the Attach tab, click Attach Document.
    2. Type a brief explanation of why the file is attached in the Description field.
    3. Click the Browse… button.
      The File Upload window opens.
    4. Find and select the file that needs to be attached then click the Open button.
      The File Upload window closes. The filename is displayed next to the Browse… button (N1).
    5. Click the Upload button.
      N2 - The display returns to the default view of the Attach tab (ready to add a note).
      The file is uploaded to ConSol and attached to the Project View.
  5. To view the attachments made to the Project View do the following:
    1. In the Project View screen, click the History tab.
      The history of Project View actions is displayed.
      N2 - For a file attachment: “DOC” is displayed in the Attach Type column, the Description of the file is displayed in the Comment column and a link to the attachment is displayed in the File column.
      N3 - For a text note attachment: “System” is displayed in the Attach Type column and the text you entered is displayed in the Comment column.
    2. To open a copy of the attached file, click the link in the File column.
    • IMPORTANT: If the attachment is sensitive it may be important to limit who can view it (Customer only or also viewable by Supplier). The default setting is for the attachment to be vieable to the supplier (“Current Supplier Only”). See steps below.
  6. To modify the View Access rights to the attachment, do the following:
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the History list and click the Modify View Access button.
      N5 - The View By column becomes visible showing for each item whether it is visible to the Supplier or only the Customer.
      N6 - If an item appears as a drop down box, you are able to change the View Access rights.
    2. Click the drop down box.
      The View Access options are displayed.
    3. Select the required View Access option.
      N7 - The View Access for the selected attachment has been changed. In the example shown below, the view access for the attachment was visible to the Supplier (“Current Supplier Only”). It is now changed to only be visible to the Customer (“Customer only”).
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