C-02-01 Manually Escalate an Order to Manager

Who: Contract Administrator / Scheduler / Verifier / Accounts
Why: This may be for various reasons and at various stages while the Order, Claim or Invoice is on the Customer side for action. Once escalated, the Order cannot be actioned further by the person who escalated it until the manager responds.
When: The Order requires action by a manager.
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This procedure occurs if the operational user escalates an Order that requires manager attention. The Contract Administrator can escalate the Order at any stage of processing after the Order is created (from the Categorise Order stage onward) as long as the Order is on the Customer side for action. Escalation to a Manager can also be done during the Claim Verification and Invoice Approval stages.

  • NOTE: If the value of the Order, Claim or Invoice exceeds the authorisation level of the person performing the action, the Order, Claim or Invoice will be automatically escalated to the Manager for approval. In this case, manual escalation is not necessary.

In the following example, the Order has been escalated at the Itemise Order stage

  1. Click the Escalate to Manager button.
    The Manually Escalate Order screen appears.
  2. Fill in the Reason for Escalation.
    This information will be added to the History tab of the Order.
  3. Select the Approval Workgroup to which the Order will be escalated.
    The Approval Manager list is updated to show managers in the selected Approval Workgroup.
  4. Select the Approval Manager who needs to action the escalated Order.
  5. Select whether the manager will receive an email notification that the Order has been escalated to them.
  6. Click the Send To Manager button.
    The display returns to the Worklist.
    If you chose the Email Notification to Manager option, the Manager will receive an email notification that the Order has been escalated to them.
    • NOTE: Once the Order, Claim or invoice has been escalated to the manager, it cannot be further processed until the Manager responds to the escalation. The Order, Claim or Invoice can, if necessary, be recalled prior to the Manager taking action. See topic Recall Escalated Order from Manager.
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